Astro Marketing Suite | Overview & Videos | NEW

Astro Marketing Suite | Overview & Videos | NEW

Overview of the Astro Loyalty Marketing Suite

Have you ever wished there was a way to communicate with your customers that was both quick and easy while still being sincere and personal?

Now with the Astro Loyalty Marketing Suite you will have the Marketing Tools you always dreamed of right there at your fingertips! 

Are you totally new to the Marketing Suite and not sure where to begin? Need to Zoom with a hooman? Marketing Suite for Beginners Demo - Schedule your one-on-one demo today!

Are you familiar with the Marketing Suite but need some help with a more advanced campaign or project? Would you like to discuss this via Zoom with a member of our Marketing Team? Schedule a one-on-one call today! Marketing Suite Help - Pros.

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Zoom webinar.
When: Jun 30, 2021 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Marketing Suite Q&A Webinar

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Webinar Recordings

To protect the content of the webinar and your privacy we are asking that viewers register before watching.

Recording of the April 28th Webinar. - What's New Pussycat? Marketing Suite 2.0 Reveal!

Recording of the June 16th Webinar - Astro Marketing Suite Q&A

Recording of the June 23rd Webinar - Astro Marketing Suite Q&A

What sets the Astro Loyalty Marketing Suite apart from the rest?

Our Marketing Suite has been years in the making. We wanted to provide you with tools and functionality that you cannot find anywhere else, and we wanted to offer it to you at a fraction of the cost those other guys are charging. 

This Marketing Suite was designed especially for you, the Independent Pet Retailer, based on the specific requests of your peers. We put together a large group of retailers across the country and asked them what they were using to communicate with their customers currently. We wanted to know what they liked about their current system, what they didn't like, and most importantly - what they wished it could do for them.  

We then created a Marketing Suite that encompasses everything on that wishlist and then some. It truly is the Marketing Suite we all have dreamed of. 

Our Marketing Suite has undergone beta testing by a group of your peers so we can be sure it suits the needs of the discerning retailer. The feedback they gave us was invaluable and now as a result we have a Marketing Suite that is tailored to meet your needs that we are extremely proud of.

The long wait is now over! The Marketing Suite is ready for you to explore and utilize. We cannot be more sincere when we say we so excited to share this with you! 

What can our Marketing Suite do that others can't?

This is actually a much longer list, but these are top features you will not find together anywhere else.
  1. Targeted Customer Lists - So you can send specific communications to the customers who are most likely to respond to them. 
    1. If your customers notice that every time you send them a communication that it pertains to their specific needs then they will be more likely to engage with your communications and respond to them rather than ignore them. 
    2. Now you can notify customers when they are eligible for Frequent Buyer or Loyalty Point rewards they may have missed, wish their pet a very happy birthday, welcome new customers when they join your program, invite customers to return when they haven't been by in awhile, let them know when a brand they buy regularly launches a new Offer, and more!
    3. Psst... adding new filters to our Recipient List Generator is a breeze! Just let us know what you are looking for.
  2. Professional Marketing Templates - To help you communicate your Programs, Offers, My Promotions, Sharing the Love, and Events to your customers in a clear, concise and personal way that is sure to catch their attention. 
    1. These Templates were designed to be customizable. These are your promotions at your store. You took the time to research and then choose what brands to offer to your customers, and we wanted to give you a way to both promote your products while also giving you a platform for which you can educate your customers about these products if you so choose.
    2. Template Elements integrate directly with your enrolled Astro Offers, My Promotions, and Sharing the Love participation. 
    3. Multi-Store Astro Accounts can now share their Template Designs with their sub-locations! Just another way Astro has made campaigning easier!
  3. Multimedia Campaigns - Why would you communicate using one method when you can communicate using all FOUR major methods of communication all at once!
    1. The Astro Loyalty Marketing Suite is the only marketing software that has this functionality. If you want to send an Email, SMS Text, Mobile App Communication, or share a Facebook Post with your customers all you need is one Campaign with one Template. You're a business owner, time is precious, we get it - so one of our main goals while designing this Marketing Suite for you was to make sure we saved you as much time as possible without compromising quality or sacrificing personal touches. 
  4. My Promotions - The ultimate way to reward your customers! Now you can create a My Promotion on Astro for any product or service you wish, doing so will generate a barcode that will trigger your promotion when it's scanned into Astro, and that promotion barcode can be sent via Campaigns to only the customers you choose to be able to participate. 
    1. These were designed to help you promote your inhouse goods and services in way that doesn't require a new Custom Program/Offer or a new Points Program. For example, if you want to reward your Top 10 grooming customers with a free nail trim on their next full groom appointment then you can set it all up on My Promotions and send it to your Top 10 in just a matter of minutes.
  5. Image Library - Astro Marketing, your favorite Brands, and your own Marketing Teams can all contribute to our extensive Image Library. Images remain relevant year round. These images can be posted to your social media via Astro Social, added to Campaign Templates, or Printed and used as Shelf Talkers and Infographics. 
  6. Astro Social - Post images directly from your Astro Image Library to your Business Facebook and Instagram Accounts without ever leaving Astro. You can even include #hashtags and @tags!
  7. Automation - Coming Soon - Never miss an opportunity to communicate with your customers. Design it, Schedule it, and Forget it - Astro Got it!
    1. We want you to be able to focus on what matters most, keeping the pets in your neighborhoods happy and healthy. Automation will give you a way to pre-program your communications so you can be sure your customer's always remain in the loop.

Are you ready to get started? Let's dive in...

We recommend using Google Chrome. We found that Chrome works the best for the Marketing Suite. 

There is a 15-Day Free Trial Available NOW! Just click the Marketing header menu on your Astro Loyalty home screen and click the 15 Day FREE Trial button to get started. 

Quick Start Guide

  1. First you must Configure & Customize your Marketing Suite Settings
  2. Now you can either jump in and make your first Multi-Media Template Campaign, or create and send a Quick Offer Campaign, or a Quick My Promotion Campaign. While you are building your Campaign you will be able to design your own Template and build and add a new Recipient List. Both the Template and the Customer List can be saved to use again for another Campaign.
  3. You can also share images to your Business Facebook and Instagram accounts via Astro Social and the Astro Image Library.

Marketing Suite Videos

Astro Marketing Suite Overview

Marketing Suite Settings

Your Astro Marketing Suite can be configured to your needs via Settings. Here you will be able to add your Logo, a Default Footer, add Cashier Reminders and Prompts to help them opt your customers in for marketing communications, customize your consumer mobile app, and link your NEW Astro Social Account. 

Customer Opt-In and Information Settings

Mobile App Customization (NEW)

Your Mobile App now includes your Location and Contact Information! Make sure it is properly configured. 

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Image Library with Astro Social (NEW)

The Astro Image Library contains 3 main sections: Brand Media, Astro Media, My Media. All sections have Astro Social sharing capabilities. 

Brand Media Library

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  1. Image Library Overview
  2. Brand Media Library

Astro Media Library

Astro Social Media (NEW)

All images within the Astro Image Library are able to be shared on your Business Facebook and Instagram pages. There is an Astro Social Media subsection within Astro Media, as well as a Brand Social Media section under Brand Media. These sections contain images made specifically for social media. 
The icons above each image will give you either the ability to share an image (Facebook and Instagram icons), or let you know whether an image is Optimized for sharing on your social media (Thumbs Up icon).

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  2. Astro Media Library
  3. Astro Social Media

Marketing List Generator

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  2. Lists | How to Manage Lists Once They Are Generated | Marketing Suite


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There are now 3 main types of Campaigns: Multi-Media Template Campaigns, Quick Campaigns, and Simple Text-Only or Image-Only Campaigns

Multi-Media Template Campaigns 

Best suited for sharing multiple Offers and Promotions with your customers while communicating any other news you wish to share. Able to be delivered via Email, SMS Text Message, Mobile App Notification, and Post to Facebook Timeline. 

Multi-Media Template Campaigns Corresponding Articles -
  1. How to Send a Multi-Media Campaign

Astro Offers Quick Campaigns

Best suited for sharing a specific Offer or Promotion with a select list of customers. i.e. Share details of a Cat Litter Offer with all Cat Customers, or the details of a Primal Pet Food Offer with all Primal customers. 

Quick Campaigns can also be sent for a My Promotion. The process for doing so is the same.

Astro Offer Quick Campaign Corresponding Articles -
  1. How to Send a Quick Offer Campaign
  2. Campaigns | How to Create a Quick MY PROMOTIONS Campaign | Marketing Suite

Simple Text-Only SMS Text Message Campaign

Best suited for getting a quick text out to your customers. This can be an alert, or a reminder. Ex. "Adoption Event this Friday at our Main St location from 12-2." or "We received an alert this morning that the food you last purchased at our store has been recalled. Please come and we'll replace it with a fresh bag free of charge."
Note: There is a 1 credit ($0.03) fee per text delivered, meaning if you send one Text Campaign to 200 customers you will need 200 credits.

Simple Text-Only App Notification Campaign

Simple Text-Only Campaigns were also designed to help you get a quick text-only message out to your customers on the free Mobile App. 

Simple App Notification Campaign Corresponding Articles - 

Webinars & One-On-One Demos

  1. Are you totally new to the Marketing Suite and not sure where to begin? Need to Zoom with a hooman? Marketing Suite for Beginners Demo - Schedule your one-on-one demo today!

  1. Are you familiar with the Marketing Suite but need some help with a more advanced campaign or project? Would you like to discuss this via Zoom with a member of our Marketing Team? Schedule a one-on-one call today! Marketing Suite Help - Pros.

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