My Promotions | Overview & How to Create | Marketing Suite

My Promotions | Overview & How to Create | Marketing Suite

What are My Promotions?

My Promotions provides you with a fast and easy way to share an in-store promotion with your customers. They can be designed in a matter of seconds and distributed in moments via Campaigns

Think of My Promotions as your way of making your very own in-store coupon. They can literally be for anything you like since you are both supplying and funding the promotion. 

Ideas for My Promotions

So far our retailers have used My Promotions to reward $Off and %Off discounts on services and products such as:
  1. Dog Wash & Grooming Services
  2. Bakery Treats
  3. Daycare Services
  4. Boarding Services
  5. New Product Promos

My Promotions and the Free Astro Consumer Mobile App

My Promotions are a great way to get customers signed up for the Free Mobile App. The Free Mobile App is beneficial to your customer because it shows them their Frequent Buyer purchase and redemption activity, their Points activity, all the Astro Offers you are currently enrolled in that are Active at your store, and all the Campaigns you send them as a Push Notification. The App also includes a section that goes over our Data Secrecy Policy so they can be assured their personal data is safe.

The Free Mobile App is beneficial to you, the retailer, because it keeps your customer engaged with their activity at your store. They know the Astro Offers you have available without you even needing to send them a message. Push Notification Campaigns are also included with your Marketing Suite subscription and are delivered right to their mobile device. SMS Text is similar, but those messages cost an additional fee of $0.03 per text sent to each customer (1 text sent to 100 customers = 100 x $0.03). 

Since My Promotions are sent to customers as Campaigns they pair perfectly with the App! Now you can tell your customers that if they download the App to their mobile device you will send them additional Promotions that will not be available to anyone else. That's a pretty sweet incentive to get connected!

How to Find My Promotions

My Promotions are now accessible directly from your Marketing Suite Dashboard.

My Promotions can also still be accessed via your Offers menu under My Promotion.


How to Make a New My Promotion

Go to My Promotions.

Click the New Promotion button.


Now start filling in the fields provided. 

My Promotion Details

Include as much detail as needed to convey to both the customer and the cashier the nature of this promotion.


What do you want to call your Coupon? Keep the title simple and to the point so your customers and cashiers know what is being given away. The title should convey in simple terms what they are getting.

10% Off Tuesdays!
$5 Off Fridays!
10% Off for an Instagram Follow


Here is where you can provide more details for the customer. This description will appear alongside the Title in Promo/Offer Element on your Template or in the Quick Template created when sending a Quick Campaign


My Promotions can be set to automatically launch sometime in the future, and they can be set to automatically expire.

Start Date

When do you want your My Promotion to start? You can either have your My Promotion start right away and inform your customers immediately, or you can create several for the future and let your customer know about all your current and future My Promotions

End Date 

When do you want your My Promotion to end? You can choose to have your My Promotion last as long or as brief as you want. 

Restrict Availability to Marketing List

You can have your Promotion be available to specific customers using your Recipient List generator.
Only the customers who are on the Marketing List will be eligible and will be able to see the Promotion on the Mobile App. 

Exclusive My Promotion Ideas!
  1. Happy Birthday Treat/Reward - Pair this with a "Pet Birthdays This Month" Recipient List, set the Max Redemption to 1 per Customer, Start/End Date 1st-28/30/31st of the month. Refresh your "Pet Birthdays This Month" list and Edit the Start/End Date at the 1st of each month to keep it current. In the Description mention that your customers can download your Astro App and add their pets personal info so they'll get a special treat on their birth/gotchya month!
  2. Mobile App Customer Perks - Every month you can reward your Mobile App customers for staying informed of their loyalty participation with a special perk (10% off 1 Purchase, 1 Scoop of Treats from the Biscuit Bar, 1 Free Chew or Biscuit, $5 Off 1 Purchase, etc. Pair this with a "Mobile App Customer" Recipient List, set the Max Redemption to 1 per Customer (or more, it's your program after all!), set your Start/End Date. In the Description include info about your Mobile App so those who aren't on it can download it. Every month refresh your Recipient List and Edit the Start/End Date. 

Max Redemptions Per Customer

If you want to limit how many times a customer is able to redeem your Promotion, you can set a specific number of redemptions per customer.

Adding an Image

Images must be square and at the very least, 400x400 pixels. 800x800 pixels is the ideal size since this will allow you to post this image directly to your social pages via Astro Social. If you need helping editing an Image and you have access to Microsoft Paint checkout this guide

The image you add will serve as the title image on your My Astro Webpage. My Promotions, once active, will always appear at the very first of the list under Monthly Promotions.

Choose Image From Library

Clicking this button will take you directly to the My Promotions section of the Astro Media Library. These are assorted images that we have made for you so you can quickly add an image to your program.

When you see an image you like, click on it to add it to your My Promotion.

Then click Save As Promotion Image to add the image to the My Promotion. (Or you can click Back to Image Library to go back and select another image.)

If you rather, you can click on My Media and choose one of the images that you uploaded to the Library. You want an image that is at least 400x400 pixels. Ideally, you want an image that is 800x800 pixels. It has to be a square.

Choose File 

If you want to add your own Image directly to your My Promotion you can click this button in order to access your Computer Files and upload your Image directly to the My Promotion.

BONUSCanva Template Link This link will take you to a template containing multiple image designs. If you use the template you will be able to customize the image with your own materials and logo using the free version of


Once you have all of the fields filled in and your picture added you will be able to preview the full details before saving. 


Once you have finished filling in the details you can select Save Promotion Only or Save and Quick Campaign
  1. Save Promotion Only - This will allow you to return to your My Promotion later and edit it. You can also add it to Template so it can be added to a larger Campaign
  2. Save and Quick Campaign - This will immediately add your My Promotion to a Quick Campaign so it can be sent to your customers right away. 


My Promotions will automatically be set Active when they are first created.

When a My Promotion expires due to the End Date, it's status will still be Active, but it will no longer be visible or redeemable for customers. 

You can set a My Promotion Inactive in order to hide it from view and redemption before the End Date approaches. Then set it back to Active when you are ready to go.

You can also edit the Status and mark a My Promotion as Deleted. This is permanent, no undo button, so be careful. 

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