My Promotions | How to Redeem a Promotion | Marketing Suite

My Promotions | How to Redeem a Promotion | Marketing Suite

How to Redeem a Promotion

Once you have sent your My Promotions Campaign to your customers they will receive a bar-code that they can bring to your store to redeem the Promotion. 
In this example, we have just sent out a My Promotions Campaign for $5 Off One Dog Wash to our customers. 

Your customers will then receive an email, push notification, or a text message (based on the choices you selected when making the Campaign). Here is an example of what your customers might see via email. 

On the Mobile App they will get a notification and will show them what Promotions are currently available and when they start. 

The customers can then select the "Click/Tap for Promotion Code" link on the email or on the app and a barcode will show. 

You can then scan the barcode or type it in to redeem the Promotion for the customers during Checkout. It will show under Today's Purchases, then select Checkout. 

Then it will show under Promotions Redeemed This Visit. Select "Finished" to save the transaction. 

You can also see the corresponding barcodes under Offers> My Promotions. 

Select the Barcode Icon.

The barcode will pop-up and you can scan directly from there or you can click the image to download barcode and print it out as well. 

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