My Astro Landing Page Setup | Actions

My Astro Landing Page Setup | Actions

The My Astro Landing Page is included with your Standard Astro Loyalty Account and if free for you to use to share information about your store with your customers. It updates automatically based on the Frequent Buyer Programs, Astro Offers, and Adoption Programs you are enrolled in. 
If you are enrolled in an Astro Offer that will not be active until the following month it will not be visible to your customers via My Astro Web Page until that month begins and the Offer itself is live. When an Offer expires it will automatically be removed from your page as well. 

My Astro Landing Page Settings:

1. Go to your Actions menu

2. Select My Astro Landing Page

3. You will see several sections on this page.  Select Address and Contact Information

 The information listed under the Account Management section for the store's address, should automatically show. You can edit this information and add a Contact Email and Website URL for your customers to see then Save Address and Contact Information. 

4. If you have a logo, click on My Default Logo. 

It is recommended that the image be at least 200px in width and 70px in height. The image format needs to be .Jpg or .Png to upload.
Select Choose File to upload the image then select Save Logo. 

5. Click on Social Media Links. You can add links to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts!

The website URLs need to be in "www." format. Do not include the "http://" part in the URL. Example below:

6. Click on Default Landing Page.

Default Webpage- You can select which page your customers will land on first. Offers, Frequent Buyer, or Adoption programs. 

8. If you do not want your location to be shown on the Store Locator Map, you can click on the Opt Out Option under My Astro Webpage Customization. 

Astro Webpage Heading Preview:

The edits that you have made above will reflect in the Preview box. On the left you will see your Address information and social media icons. If you disabled the Pet Owner Access in the step above, the Login and Signup buttons will not show. You can click on Refresh in the top right cover to update the preview if needed. 

Click on View Webpage:

This will show you what the customer's will see on their end. The information you entered in above will show on the left hand side and your logo in the middle. There is also links to download the Astro Loyalty Consumer Mobile App on the right.
Log in option via web brower is coming soon!

Astro Page Link:

This is what you will need to Embed the link to your website. This will add the link within an Astro Loyalty logo (same as the Preview Link above). 
Most web page editors will give you the option to Embed code when you go to edit the page. If you hire someone to design your page for you let them know you would like them to embed an HTML Code that will appear as an image and serve as a link to another web page. Then all you need to do is provide them with the HTML Code, in full, as it appears within your My Astro Web Page menu. 

The second option is to simply insert the URL provided within some text on your website. This is done by highlighting some text/words and then selecting an Insert Link option on your web page editor. You may be familiar with this method already since it is something you can do on most text based documents and emails.

Pet Adoption Link:

If you are participating in our Adoption Program platform there is also an additional HTML Code and URL Link for Sharing the Love. These will take the viewer directly to the Adoption Program sub-section of your My Astro Webpage. 

If you have multiple locations- each location's Admin user will have access to their own My Astro Webpage under their Actions menu. 

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