My App Settings | How to Customize your Mobile App via the Astro Marketing Suite

My App Settings | How to Customize your Mobile App via the Astro Marketing Suite

Astro allows you to customize the mobile app with your logo and color scheme. By default the mobile app is branded to with the Astro Logo and colors but you can modify by following the directions below.  

Post customization, the Astro Mobile Icon (Gold Star on Brown Background) will still appear as the App Icon on your customers' phone screen prior to them logging in.   
Astro does have a retailer branded mobile app option. This option provides a branded Apple and Android App Store Icon as well as a custom branded mobile app icon on your customers phone.  Please contact for more information.

Customizing your Free Consumer Mobile App

First, log into your Astro account as an Admin User and select Marketing from your Astro Homepage. 

Next, select My App Settings from your Marketing Suite Dashboard.
Marketing > My App Settings

This will take you to the following screen. 

App Status 

Here you can Enable or Disable your App. It's default setting is enabled, so as long as your customers' have an email address associated with their Astro Pet Owner account on your Astro Retailer Account then they can access your App. If you Disable the App then all of your customers will loose that access. 
To change the logo from the default Astro logo you will first need a .JPEG or .PNG file of your logo saved to your computer. 

Adjusting the Color Scheme

There are several sections that allow you to customize the color - Top ColorTop Icon ColorTile Bar ColorMenu Icon ColorMenu Text Color, and Menu Line Color

To find the perfect shade click on the text field to place your cursor onto it. This will bring up the following color shade wheel.

On the wheel there is a pin-point that you can drag around with your mouse to find the spectrum of color you had in mind. (The very center of the wheel is white/grey/black depending on how much shade you apply with the slide bar.) Then you can use the slide on the bar beside the wheel to adjust the shade of the pinned color. The bar to the very right will show you the final spectrum/shade of your color that will be applied to that specific section of your App. 

As you alter the color you will notice the color # code change. Once you are happy with your color click Save & Preview to see what it looks like on the App. Then you can move onto the next section to alter its color. 

TIP: If you like any of the colors you already made for another section just copy it's # color code onto the other section's text field and click Save & Preview. For example, the shade of brown that is currently selected for the Top Color on the example above is #776138. So if you also wanted the Menu Icon Color to be the same shade of brown change the Menu Icon Color from #d0ab52 to #776138.

You can undo ALL of your changes and start over by selecting Reset Settings. But be careful, it won't just undo your last change, instead it will revert your App back to the original Astro default version and you will need to start over. 

Display Name

The display name will automatically show the store name that your Astro account is registered under. You can edit this name to anything you like. 

If you have more than one store on your Astro account you will need to choose one Display Name to represent all of your locations. You can also choose to remove the Display Name entirely by leaving that field blank.

*NEW* Contact Information

You can now customize the Contact Information that your customers see on the app! 

If you see a red beside this area and a red box around Contact information yours has not been setup yet.

Click where it says Contact Information Menu Item Setup.

Now you can add your primary Support Email - this is the email address that you would prefer your customers contact you via. If you do not have one leave that field blank.

On the left you will see the information that your customers will see. If this information is correct check the box beside Contact Information under Support Email.

If that information is incorrect click the red buttons that says Account Management

If you wish to hide your Location Information click the box or boxes (if you have more than one location on your account) beside Hide Location on the left of the page beside the location address/info you wish to hide.

If you have more than one Location in Astro you will see all locations listed on the left as you scroll down.

Once you have finished editing your Contact Information and checking the appropriate boxes, make sure to click Save & Preview to save your details. 

Publish your Customized App

Once you are happy with all of your edits you can publish your new App! To do so click Publish Settings

You can always return to Mobile App Customization to alter your Apps appearance. Just make sure to Publish Settings once you are finished. Your customer's who have already downloaded the App will now see your customized version. 

Here is a mobile app that has been customized.

Getting Your Customers on the Consumer Mobile App

Now that your Mobile App looks awesome it's time to get your customers plugged in! 

The best way to introduce your customers to the App is by telling them about it while you are checking them out.
  1. The App will show them all of their open Frequent Buyer Cards so they know how close they are to a free bag. 
  2. The App updates in real time, so as soon as you hit Finished in Astro they will see their new punch on their card. 
  3. The App will show them exactly what qualifying Frequent Buyer items they purchased and when those purchases were made. This is extremely helpful if they find they are forgetting what protein they fed last or have a picky eater.
  4. The App will show them all of the Astro Offers you are currently running at your store automatically. If you are enrolled in an Offer and it is currently live, they will see it listed under Special Offers. No more FOMO!
  5. The App will help them keep track of their Loyalty Points. They'll see their current Points Total and what they have spent their Points on in the past. 
  6. You can use the App to send your customers Push Notifications letting them know about events going on at your store. A Standard Frequent Buyer Subscription includes Text Push Notifications. If you are subscribed to the Astro Marketing Suite you will be able to send templated Push Notifications with Images and My Promotions.
  7. Customers can also update their contact information and review our data policy directly from the App.
In order for your customer to access their personalized Mobile App they will need a valid email address associated with their Astro Pet Owner Account. This can be added to their account while you are checking them out in Astro by clicking where it says No Email on File below their name, or you can click on their email address below their name if it needs to be updated. Your customer will then use this email address as their username, just like you use your email address as your username to log into your Astro Retailer Account. 

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