Mobile App | How to Get Your Customers On your Free Astro Mobile App

Mobile App | How to Get Your Customers On your Free Astro Mobile App

The Free Astro Loyalty Consumer Mobile App - How to Get It & Use It

What it is...

It is a downloadable application for pet owners with Android or iPhone smartphones. It is available in the App Store or the Google Play Store under Astro Loyalty Consumer App. You can Customize your Account's Mobile App and brand it with your store's logo.

What it does...

The Astro Loyalty Pet Owner App gives the pet owner access to a variety of information from you, their favorite pet supply retailer.  It allows them to see all open frequent buyer program cards, and browse all of the other great offers and promotions currently available to them at your store. The list of Offers updates every time you enroll in a new Astro Offer and that Offer goes Live.

How to get it...

When a customer signs up for your loyalty program make sure to ask them for their email address, this will serve as their Username when they download the Mobile App. Add their email address to their Pet Owner Account and send them either the Welcome Email (when you add them as a New Customer) or the Verification Email (when you edit an existing customer's Pet Owner Account). This email will include links to download the Mobile App and it will guide them through the process of setting up their Password. 

Once they have the Mobile App downloaded to their phone all they need to do to login is:
  • Enter the email address you used at your Astro Retailer.
  • Enter the password you created from the Welcome Email (or follow the Get Started prompts to setup a new Mobile Account).
Update 11.18.2019
There is a NEW Astro Loyalty Mobile App for iPhone!
The old version still exists on the Apple Store under the name "Astro Loyalty Pet Owner App" the new App is branded "Astro Loyalty Consumer App". If your customers were using the older version of the App they will be prompted to download the new version to their phones and then all they need to do is login to the new app with their existing Username and Password and all of their stats will be there.
The Android Mobile App has been updated!
There is no need for your customers to download a new Android App to their phones if they were already using the original App. The Android version of the App will update for them automatically and is now called the Astro Loyalty Consumer App.

Free Astro Shelf Talkers and Marketing Kits

The simplest way to introduce your customers to your Astro Mobile App is via our pre-made Shelf Talkers. These shelf talkers let your customers know about the rewards you offer, and they show them the means to stay informed of both those rewards and their progress towards earning them. 

Your Astro Offers Shelf Talkers & Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers all contain a QR code that your customers can follow to download their phone's version of the mobile app (iOS or Android). The free Astro Marketing Kit also contains those same QR codes.

Do you want to make your own signage? Here's the QR code.
Astro Mobile App QR code (for both iOS & Android)

How Best to Send a Mass Email to your Customers with Info to Download the Mobile App

If you have been on Astro for awhile and don't want to go through and send Welcome/Verification Emails one by one, you can send the following instructions in a mass email to all of your customers who currently have an email address associated with their account.

Example of a Mass Email to send to all of your customers on Astro. 

Remember, make sure you are sending this email either via Astro, or to only the customers on your Astro account with email addresses. If a customer does not have a Pet Owner Account on your Astro Account and an Email Address saved on that account they will not be able to access the App and this email will just confuse them to all end. 


I have some awesome news to share with you... Have you ever wished that you could keep all of your Frequent Buyer Cards, Loyalty Points, and Special Offer Promos all in one place on your phone so you never have to worry about losing them ever again? Well, guess what! We have an App for that! 

To download our Free Mobile App to your smart phone follow this link for  Android smartphones or this link for Apple smartphones. Or you can go to Google Play or the App Store and search for the “Astro Loyalty Consumer App” and download the app to your phone.
The first time you open your App you will need to select Get Started to setup a new Mobile Account. The App will guide you through the steps to do this. You will be asked to enter your email address that is registered at my store, this is the same email you are receiving this message on. Then the App will send you an email with a link to setup your Password. Once you have your password locked in you can return to the App and login. And that's it, you're done!

Thank you!
Your Friends at Dogs & Kat's Shop

Just so you have them on hand and want to include it in your own email. 

Here is the Android Link:


Here is the iTunes Link: 

Bonus Tips

If you are using the New Astro Marketing Suite, here's a top tip for you. Tell your customers that if they download the Mobile App onto their phone that you will send special promo coupons to their App every month.

Checkout this article for more details on how to make Exclusive My Promotions using the Astro Loyalty Marketing Suite. 

There is now an Astro Template explaining the Mobile App that you can send to your customers all at once to get them set up on the App. Check it out by going to the Templates section of your Marketing Suite and selecting Browse Astro Templates. If you like it you can upload it to your Template Creator and edit it however you need to. 

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