Introducing Brand Coupon Management on Astro Loyalty!

MFG Sponsored Coupons | Overview

Coupons can only be redeemed on Standard Astro Accounts. At this time, Coupons are not compatible with POS Report style or Nightly Data Feed style Astro Accounts.

What are Astro Coupons?

An Astro Retailer is a smart retailer! You understand the importance of giving back to your loyal customers as a thank you for their continued patronage. The brands you love are the same way. They encourage brand loyalty with Frequent Buyer Programs and now they can say 'thank you' to their customers with exclusive Coupons.

In the past, brands have used various methods to deliver these coupons to your customers such as tear-off coupon books, mailed vouchers, non-targeted email campaigns, social media coupons, or a rep would drop off a stack of paper coupons that if redeemed you would have to stuff into an envelope to mail in somewhere or the rep would have to circle back to pick them up. In short, either the customers is missing out on an earned promotion, or you are missing out on a sale, or you are waiting and waiting for your reimbursement. 

Astro Coupons are FREE for all Astro Retailers to participate in. 

Introducing Brand Coupon Management on Astro Loyalty!

Astro Coupons are both digitally delivered and digitally redeemed- no paper, nowhere, no how! They are delivered directly to your customers and are only redeemable at your store. They are simple to redeem and reimbursements are credited automatically. And best of all, Astro and our brand partners handle all the marketing! 

Astro Coupons can only be redeemed at your store! 

A qualifying Petowner who shops at your store will receive an Astro Coupon via email. This email will explain the promotion and will instruct them that they can only redeem that coupon at your store within a set period of time. The customers receiving these emails are already your customers, so they know you, and once again they will see the added benefits to continue shopping with you in the years to come.

They are Petowner-specific and Store-specific.

Astro Coupons were designed so a brand could thank their existing customers who are participating in their Frequent Buyer Programs for their patronage, or to introduce new products within their brand to their existing customers. They are not a means to entice new customers to try their products for the first time or to convert a customer to their brand.
Sally Petowner, who shops with you, received an Astro Coupon via email telling her she can redeem that coupon at your store, and your store only. She was chosen directly by a brand, Monster Naturals, to receive a special discount on her next Monster Naturals purchase. Sally Petowner has been a Monster Naturals customer for several months now and has an active Monster Naturals Frequent Buyer Card at your store. Depending on your other customers' participation in your existing Monster Naturals Frequent Buyer Program a customer may get chosen to receive a special Monster Naturals Astro Coupon, or they may not
You will be able to export a list of customers who were sent an Astro Coupon, and if you are utilizing the Marketing Suite you could double-down on the promotion and send them your own reminder to stop by and redeem their coupon. Just make sure that you are only sending your campaign to the customers on the invite list and not everyone.

Coupons are sent by Astro from the Astro platform via email to your customer.

You do not have to worry about distributing the coupons to the only customers who qualify, we got you covered there! Also, in accordance to our extremely strict Privacy Policy Rules, your customers are only contacted in such a way that drives their business back to your store.
Your customers have the option to opt-out of these coupon mailers, there will be a link at the bottom of the email allowing them to do so. If they were to opt-out they would not receive anymore Astro Coupons and would not be able to redeem an Astro Coupon in-store, but they would still be able to participate in Frequent Buyer, Astro Offers and receive email, push or text communications from you. 

Coupons are also displayed at checkout for eligible customers.

There is not need to check a list like you are guarding a private party, Astro has you covered there as well!
If you are checking out a customer that qualifies for the coupon and they are purchasing an item that is discounted thanks to the coupon you will see a pop-up alerting you to redeem. Then all you need to do is click "Redeem", that's it! 

Notice of coupon events are sent to you before the coupons are sent so you have plenty of time to prepare.

This will give you time to get organized and stock up on the promoted products. Maybe even put together a nice display at the front of the store. Again, if you are using the Marketing Suite you are more than welcome to send out your own campaign, just make sure you are only sending it to the invited customers and not your entire customer base. 

You have the option to Opt-Out of certain coupons. You are not able to opt-out of Bounce Back Coupons linked to Adoption Programs.

Your default status of participation will always be to opt-in. And don't worry, these coupons are targeted. They are only sent to your customers who are already purchasing the qualifying brand or brand products. However, in some cases it may be possible that your store does not stock a product line your brand may be promoting.

Ex. Let's say you carry Monster Naturals Grain-Free, and they just launched a new line- Monster Naturals Grain-Friendly, but you haven't decided yet whether or not you want to add their new line so you do not carry it at your store. Then Monster Naturals launches a coupon to promote their new Grain-Friendly line and those coupons are scheduled to be sent to your customers. At this point you will receive an email about this promotion and you have 2-Weeks to decide whether to bring on the line and participate in the promotion or Opt-Out of the Astro Coupon so your customers are not alerted. 

Redemptions are automatically reported to the same Distributor you have selected for the corresponding Frequent Buyer Enrollment.

Now you are able to participate in a promotion without having to first enroll! 

Ex. Let's go back to our on-going example of Monster Naturals. They are promoting their new Grain-Friendly line with a new Astro Coupon. Your store is already enrolled in the Monster Naturals | Official Frequent Buyer - Buy 10 Get 1 Free program with your distributor Animal Goods Inc., so therefore all Monster Naturals Astro Coupon redemptions will automatically report to Animal Goods Inc.! Easy right!

Brands can only send coupons to their Frequent Buyer customers. 

Your favorite brands wanted a targeted way to promote their new or existing items to your customers while still encouraging them to shop directly with you. They also wanted a way to thank their existing customers by offering them discounts here and there on items they are already purchasing on a regular basis. 
Astro Coupons are NOT a means to convert a customer from one brand to another, or to lure a customer from one store to another. 

Coupons can be either Dollars Off or Free Goods.

Depending on how the Brand wants to promote their products they can decide whether to reward $Off or a Free Good. The Astro Coupon Redemption Pop-up will tell you exactly what to reward the customer. Then depending on the reward issued the redemption and future credit will either appear on your Distributor Rebate Credit Batches Report or your Distributor Free Goods Credit Batches Report.

The Two Types of MFG Sponsored Coupons

So far there are two main types of MFG Sponsored Coupons on Astro. They share a lot of similarities, like how they are redeemed and reported to your Distributor. The main difference between them is how the customer qualifies to receive them and how you choose to participate in them. 

Standard Astro MFG Sponsored Coupon

Astro will announce these Coupons to you beforehand so you will be aware of their existence so you can prepare. During this pre-launch period you will be able to decide whether or not you wish to participate. If you opt-out, the Coupons will not be sent to your customers. If you opt-in, they will be sent to your customers who were chosen by the manufacturer to participate. Customers who are invited by the manufacturer to participate in these programs must have met some sort of prerequisite- they must have a record of buying this manufacturer's products at your store at some point (manufacturers are not allowed to send Coupon campaigns to customers who have never purchased their products before), and there may be a lapse in purchasing (we miss you, come back) or a frequency of purchasing (we love you and want to give you something as a thank you). 

Bounce Back Coupon

Bounce Back Coupons are associated with Adoption Programs. If a New Pet Owner chooses to redeem an Adoption Program that is associated with a Bounce Back Coupon (it will say so in the main description of the program and on the program card in Checkout) they will be sent an email containing a Bounce Back Coupon on either the same day, or in the next couple of days. The trick here is we want to make sure the customer is sent the Coupon before they can finish the free good they just received in the Adoption Bundle they received. The Customer can only redeem this Coupon at your store. Once that Coupon is sent to them via email they have 30-days to return to your store and redeem their Coupon. There is no way for you to opt-out of this Coupon- the act of your redeeming the Adoption Program for the customer will serve as your opt-in. The Coupon is designed to get the customer to return to your store one more time so that you have another opportunity to build their loyalty. When they redeem a Bounce Back Coupon it will also add a purchase credit to a Frequent Buyer card. 

Astro Marketing Suite subscribers are able to send Quick Campaigns to their customers with coupons that are still Pending Redemption. Simply go to your Offers menu and select MFG Sponsored Coupons. Scroll down until you see a Coupon that has Pending Redemptions and click the red Send Unredeemed Reminder button. This will generate a Quick Campaign with a filtered Recipient List that only include those customers with pending coupons. Feel free to edit the Subject Line, then Save and move onto the Second Step. Now Astro will automatically generate a Template that contains the details of the Coupon. If you want to add more information, or adjust the size of your logo, click the Edit Selected Template button. Then, when you are ready to send, click Save & Queue for Sending. For more help on Quick Campaigns, visit How To Send A Quick OFFER Campaign | Marketing Suite

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