MFG Retail Vouchers | Redeeming a Voucher

MFG Retail Vouchers | Redeeming a Voucher

So far the Brands that are opting to use Vouchers are planning on issuing new Vouchers on a monthly basis, still, it is a good idea to take a quick peek at your Voucher Programs weekly to see if there are any goodies waiting for you. 

When one of your Brand Partners issues you a Voucher via their Voucher Program it will be considered Pending until you redeem it. Brands are able to issue you multiple Vouchers at a time via the same Voucher Program. They can also set Expiration Dates on their issued Vouchers - so make sure you check back often so you're not missing out!

The redemption process is your way of telling your Brand Partner that you have received their gift, it allows you to pull that gift from your own inventory instead of waiting for a special shipment to arrive, and it allows you to report the receipt of that gift to your distributor so it can be credited to your account. 

How to Redeem a Pending Voucher

Start by logging in to your Astro Account as an Admin User
If you have a Multi-Location account you can be logged in as a Master Admin - which will allow you to redeem Pending Vouchers across the entirety of your account. Or you can login as an Admin on one of your Sub-Locations and just focus on the Pending Vouchers pertaining to that location. 

Go to your Offers menu and select MFG Retail Vouchers (MFG stands for Manufacturer).

Now you will see the Voucher Programs that your Manufacturer Brand Partners have chosen to share with you. 

Just because you see a Voucher Program listed here does not mean that it currently contains redeemable Vouchers for you. The Brands using these programs still need to issue their Vouchers via these programs. Think of these Voucher Programs like mailboxes, sometimes mailboxes are empty - sometimes they are full of birthday money!

Below each Voucher Program you will see Enrolled - Click Here for Vouchers. Click that link. This will take you to the actual Vouchers.

Here you will see the Vouchers Available for Redemption that are associated with that Voucher Program. Each Voucher will show the Date Issued. Pay close attention to the Expiration Date and plan accordingly.

You do not have to redeem your Vouchers all at once. It actually may be a good idea to stagger their redemptions until you are actually able to use the products they are giving you. 

To Redeem a Voucher click on the Redeem button beside it. This will open your Redemption Pop-up.

Depending on the nature of the Voucher Program, you will either have a list of multiple items to choose from, or there will be one item for you to select. Each Voucher will only reward One Item. Choose the item you want from the drop-down menu provided and select Save Redemption to lock in your choice.

Now you will see the Voucher you just redeemed, and any other recently redeemed Vouchers, listed under Vouchers Pending Fulfillment.

Vouchers Pending Fulfillment

These redeemed Vouchers are still awaiting credit by your distributor. At this point they have not been batched into a Fulfillment Report by your distributor.

If you accidentally selected the wrong item from the redemption drop-down menu you are able to edit the redemption as long as the fulfillment is still pending. To edit the redemption click the Change Item button. This will re-open the Voucher Redemption Pop-up and allow you to select a different item. Click Save Redemption to lock in your changes. 

Once your distributor has batched the Voucher redemption into a Fulfillment Report you will not be able to make changes to the Voucher redemption. If at this point you realize that a Voucher was redeemed incorrectly you will need to reach out to Astro Support and your Distributor for help reversing the redemption.
All Voucher Redemption are Free Good Redemptions so they will report to your distributor via the Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report. You can follow along with there crediting there. 

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