MFG Retail Vouchers | Overview

MFG Retail Vouchers | Overview

Vouchers were designed so that your favorite brands had a way to give you, your store, or your employees free product.

Vouchers can be used for Employee Feeding Programs, Full-Size Samples, Demo Items, etc.

Vouchers do not reward free goods to the Pet Owner (customer/consumer), they reward free goods to you, the Indy Retailer.

Vouchers allow you to pull an item from your own inventory and claim it as a gift/reward. This takes far less time than having to wait for a special shipment.

MFG Retail Vouchers are located under your Offers menu.

When a Brand chooses you to be a part of their Voucher Program that program will be linked to your Astro Account and you will see the program listed under MFG Retail Vouchers

There is no need to enroll in the Voucher Program - but you will need to Assign a Distributor. There is an option to Unenroll from a Voucher Program if you do not wish to participate.

If you notice a Voucher Program listed on your Astro Account it doesn't necessarily mean that it contains Pending Vouchers for you to redeem at that very moment. Voucher Programs are the portal through which Vouchers are issued. Think of them like mailboxes - sometimes mailboxes are empty, and sometimes they contain exciting packages!

Brands can issue more than one redeemable Voucher to a Retailer using the same Voucher Program.

When a Voucher is issued the Brand can set an Expiration Date. The Voucher must be redeemed prior to the expiration date, which will be stated beside the Pending Voucher.

To Redeem a Voucher it is just a matter of selecting the Click Here for Vouchers link located below the Voucher Program. Then clicking the Redeem button and selecting the preferred item from the drop-down menu.

If a Voucher is redeemed incorrectly - the wrong item is selected accidentally - you can edit the Redemption as long as Fulfillment is Pending and your chosen distributor has not batched that redemption into a Fulfillment Report. 

Voucher Redemptions are all Free Goods, so they will appear on your Distributor Free Goods Credit Batches Report.
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