Marketing Suite 2.0 Launching April 2021 | What's NEW?

Marketing Suite 2.0 Launching April 2021 | What's NEW?

Astro Social 

Astro Social connects your Astro Image Library to your Business Facebook account and it's paired Business Instagram account.

So what does this mean? Once your Marketing Suite is linked to your business social pages you will be able to instantly share any image located in any section of the Astro Image Library to your social media without ever leaving Astro.

Step 2 - Go to Image Library (either directly from your Marketing Dashboard via Image Library, or via Campaigns > Social Media Simple Campaign)
Step 3 - Find an image you wish to post and click on the social icon above the image (either Facebook or Instagram).
Step 4 - Type out your message and add your hashtags in the field provided without ever leaving Astro.

Step 5 - Click Share
Step 6 - That's it! Ya done!


The Campaigns menu are now divided into 2 main sections > Multi-Media Campaigns and Simple Campaigns. Several updates have been made to Multi-Media Campaigns.

Simple Campaigns have remained the same functionality-wise, just their locations within the Suite has changed.

Multi-Media Template Campaigns

These are your Templated Campaigns. These can be delivered via Email, App Notification, SMS Text, and now- Post to Facebook. With Marketing Suite 2.0 you can now Post a Templated Campaign directly to your Facebook Timeline without first having to deliver it via one of the other delivery methods. This means that your entire marketing platform can be contained on your social pages if you so choose. 

When a Multi-Media Campaign is posted to your Facebook timeline, your Campaign History will show you when that post was created and shared - thus helping you keep track of what was shared on your timeline and what was not.

New vs. Old Location of Multi-Media Template Campaigns

Old Template Campaign Location
New Location of Multi-Media Template Campaigns

Simple Campaigns

These Campaigns contain plain text and can only be delivered via one chosen method; either SMS Text, App Notification, or Social Media. If you recall your old Marketing Suite Dashboard, the old SMS and App Notification sections are now housed under Campaigns > Simple Campaigns. 

New vs Old Location of Simple Text Message Campaigns

Functionality is the same, just the location has changed.
Old location of the Text Only, Text Message Campaigns
New Location of the Simple Text Only Text Message Campaigns

New vs. Old Location of the Simple Text Only App Notification Campaigns

Functionality is the same, just the location has changed.

Old Location of Text Only App Notification Campaigns

New Location of Simple Text Only App Notification Campaigns

Template Library 

The Template Library has undergone a huge makeover!

Remember how it used to look... [🥱]

Check out how it looks now! 😮😍

My Templates

The drop-down containing all of your Saved Templates is gone (buh-bye) and has been replaced by a section at the top of your Library named "My Templates".

My Templates are sorted Left to Right in order from most recently edited to least recently edited, so your most recent template will always be the first listed!

Also, rather than relying on a drop-down to find what you need, you can scroll through them just like you do while looking for a movie to watch on Netflix, and KNOW you are adding the template you want to your Campaign or to your Template Editor to make updates.

Astro Templates

Remember that Browse Astro Templates button and its weird library? Well they're gone! 👋

In your new Template Library below your My Templates section are all of your Astro Templates. They are sorted into their own themed sections. Some you will recognize from before, like Holiday, Newsletter, and Pet Adoption. You'll also find some new ones, like Layouts and Featured

This new organization method will help you find the best template for your needs fast -whether its a Template you made yourself, or one you find in our Library. This saves you even more time than before!

Webinar Registration Link

Join your Astro Marketing Team for a walk through of the new and improved suite on Wednesday, 3 PM EST. A recording of the webinar will be sent to all who register regardless of whether they attended the call. 

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. 
When: Apr 28, 2021 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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