Manufacturer Pricing Maintenance Tool

Manufacturer Pricing Maintenance Tool

Manufacturer Pricing Maintenance will allow you to enter the Cost and MSRP for all items included in your Frequent Buyer programs and Offers. This feature pairs beautifully with the Advanced Distributor Free Goods Batches portal because it will allow you to edit the cost of items before they appear in batch reports. You will also be able to upload spreadsheets of values all at once which is a huge time saver. The MSRP and Cost values will appear on your exportable reports: Frequent Buyer and Offer Redemptions, Frequent Buyer and Offer Transactions and Frequent Buyer and Offer Redemptions with Transactions. The MSRP values will also be included in the item descriptions of items added to a frequent buyer or offer card. 

The Manufacturer Pricing Maintenance Tool is an Addon that you will need to request from the Help Desk in order to add it to your account. Once we turn it on for you it will appear under your Actions menu as MFG Pricing Maintenance. Only Admin Users can access this tool.

Located under the Actions menu

Once inside you will see a list containing All Products by All Manufacturers. You can use the two drop-down menus provided to filter this list. The first drop-down menu filters manufacturers so you can look up one at a time. This is recommended especially if you are uploading spreadsheets. The second drop-down menu will allow you to switch from a view that includes All Products or Products With No Pricing. 

All Manufacturers | All Products

If you choose to you can only enter the Cost of each item. This will help with the Advance Distributor Free Goods Batches portal. If you add MSRP values this will help at the register. Especially if a customer doesn't understand a Least Value Free program, or if a cashier needs to split up a card according to MSRP. 

You can choose to enter values or update values manually. Or you can upload a spreadsheet containing the values. We recommend that you load one manufacturer list at a time, but it is possible to load in your entire inventory all at once. To upload a spreadsheet click the red Upload File button.

Price Maintenance Upload

In order to upload an excel file, it will need to be in the proper format. Data needs to be divided up into their own columns; UPC, Item Description, MSRP, Cost. If you do not want to add MSRP leave that column blank. There is a reminder just below the upload in case you forget. Before you upload the file check the boxes for the locations you want the values to apply to. You do have the option of loading values according to location so each location can have different cost and MSRP values assigned to their items. 

After you Choose the File and click Upload Astro will show you how the file will load. You then can choose to load the file or cancel the upload. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find these values so I can add them?

You can request product lists from your distributors that include the Cost and the suggested sale price (MSRP) of each item. Cost does fluctuate rather often so it is not an exact science. You can also request product lists from your manufacturers that will include MSRP. If you receive distributor invoices on your POS you should have a Cost and MSRP list right at your fingertips. Your POS should record the average cost you pay for each item as well as the sale price of each item. Most POS systems have an export which will allow you to pull this information out into an excel sheet. Then all you would need to do is make sure it is in the proper format. 

What is MSRP?

MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. MSRP may be a little bit different from your sale price of each item so keep that in mind. If you choose to you can load your sale price for each item into the MSRP fields. 

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