Location Information

Location Information

Add/Update Location Information:

1. Account Set Up from Astro Loyalty on Vimeo.

Astro Loyalty allows you to include your store's address, business hours, website, and phone number. This information seamlessly syncs with various portions of the Marketing Suite including the Mobile App and My Astro Web Page allowing your customers easy access to your store's information.

If you would like to add your location information simply go to the top right-hand portion of your home screen.  Find and select, “Actions” and then select “Account Management” from the drop down menu.
Select Account Management under the Actions menu

This will take you to the Location Settings page.  Here, you can edit information including your Contact Information, Location Address, Business Hours, Phone Number and Website information. You can also add, delete, and edit user information and the user’s level of access.  This ensures that your location information appears properly to your fulfillment partners, distributors, manufacturers, and customers. 

Click the brown pencil to edit Location Info & add your Logo
If you need to edit any of the information in the "My Location Information" section, do the following: 
  • Locate the brown pencil icon in the top right-hand corner of the section (as seen in the image above).
  • Click on it, and then select which boxes need to be edited or have information input into them. 
The information is locked until the pencil icon is selected to protect your data from accidental errors.
Select "Save" when you are finished.

Click Save once you are finished editing the location info

What if I have more than one location on my account?

If you are logged in under your main location you will see My Additional Locations listed at the bottom of the page. To edit those locations' info and add users click on the location's name. In this example there is one additional location - Huxley's House (yup, Huxley is my dog).
My Additional Locations listed below the main locations information
Once you have access to your additional location, you will edit the information the same way you did your main location.
  • Click the brown pencil to edit the corresponding sections, My Location Information and My Logo.
  • Add users to My Users by selecting the man icon with the plus sign.
  • To return to your main location account just click << Back to Main Location at the bottom of your screen.
Here's a fun fact: If you need to access one of your additional locations directly (as if you were logged into that store directly as one of the employees) you can masquerade onto the account by clicking on any one of the Users' Email/Login. This will give you full admin access to that location. 

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