Lists | How to Manage Lists Once They Are Generated | Marketing Suite

Lists | How to Manage Lists Once They Are Generated | Marketing Suite

Managing Lists Once They Are Generated

All of your lists have the capability to adjust to your store's activity changes. The first 5 columns provide you with details such as the last time the list was refreshed so you know how up to date it is, as well as how your lists have changed according to the customer count after refreshing. The Actions section houses several fantastic tools such as Refresh and View/Export which allows you to do so much more than just view and export your list.

List Name

Every List you generate will be saved here unless you decide to delete it later. They will be listed in alphabetical order. 

Current Status

There are two possible statuses: Ready or Refreshing. The Status will say Refreshing after you click Refresh below Actions. Once the Refresh is completed it will read as Ready and can be viewed, exported, or attached to a campaign. 

Last Refreshed

Here you will see exactly when a List was last Refreshed down to the very second. This comes in handy when you need to make sure that you are working with the most up to date version of your List as possible. If you feel like your List is not as current as it could be all you need to do is click where it says Refresh below the Actions section.

Previous Customer Count & Current Customer Count

These two columns complement each other so they are best explained together.

The number under Previous Customer Count will show you the number of customers that were included on the List prior to the most recent Refresh. New Customer Lists will show the Previous Customer Count as Zero.

The number below Current Customer Count will reveal how many customers are currently on your List. 

Let's say we generated a List a month ago that had 56 customers on it. Today we decide to Refresh the List. Now the Previous Customer Count is 56 and the Current Customer Count is 62. The next time the List is Refreshed the Previous Customer Count will become 62 and the Current Customer Count may or may not stay the same.

This is useful information if you are working on growing a list or shortening a list. It will allow you to see your progress either way. And even if you are not working on changing a List it is still nice to monitor the ebb and flow as your customer loyalty shifts and grows.


This section houses several Actions that you can take to manipulate and access your list.


If you need to change a filter or change the title of your List all you need to do is select Edit. Once you have finished making the adjustments to your filters select Save & Refresh.

This will bring up a pop-up that will allow you to change the title of your list if needed. Click Save List on that pop-up to save your title. This will return you to your list of Lists. The Status of the List you just Edited will say Refreshing while it updates and adjusts to your changes. The List is ready to be used once the Status returns to Ready.


If you want to make sure that the customers included on your List are accurate select Refresh. This will re-apply the filters that you have selected on that particular List to your master list of Pet Owner accounts. While the List is refreshing the Status will say Refreshing. The List is ready to be used once the Status returns to Ready.


When you select View/Export you will be presented with the following screen.

If you select View List with none of the Available Fields checked then you will be presented with a list of customers that includes just their Astro ID, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. To return to the previous screen where the Available Fields are listed click the red Show Field Selection button.

You'll notice that the Astro IDs are all links. If you click on a customer's Astro ID you will bring up an overview of their entire purchase history within Astro. This is the same overview that you see when you select a customer listed on your Pet Owner Lookup Report. 

Now let's go back to Available Fields. If you would like to view/export additional customer information beside just your customer's names, emails, and Astro IDs then select the Available Field pertaining to that information you wish to see.

Your options include Purchase Attributes, Address Attributes, Pet Attributes. You can either select All for each group of attributes or you can select the individual ones you are most interested in. 

Since the List shown in these examples pertains to my Points program I selected Total Visits and Loyalty Points to add to my List View.  Now when I select View List I can see this additional bits of information. 

If you would like to Export your List after Viewing it you will need to first click the red Show Field Selection button to return to the previous page. There you will see a button to Export. Your List will then be exported into a spreadsheet style document.


This Action will do exactly what you think it will do, Delete your List. If you delete a List it is a permanent deletion. Just like any permanent Action performed in Astro you will be met with an "Are you sure you want to delete this list?" pop-up that you will need to interact with by clicking OK in order for the deletion to take place. So if you clicked Delete by accident you will be able to select Cancel on the pop-up to stop the deletion. 

If a List is deleted it will not affect any Campaigns that were sent to customers utilizing that List.
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