Introduction Video | 1 | RetailPro POS Plugin

Introduction Video | 1 | RetailPro POS Plugin


Without leaving the Retail Pro Receipt screen, this plug-in provides the following:

  • New Customers: Sign up new Customers added to a Retail Pro sale for Astro Rewards with a quick button click.
  • Purchase Tracking: Customer purchases that qualify for Offers or Frequent Buyer programs are automatically tracked.
  • Reward Notification: When the Customer earns a Frequent Buyer reward, the cashier is notified to redeem it.
  • Loyalty Points: Points accumulate automatically as purchases are completed and can be easily redeemed for discounts, rebates, or free goods; returns automatically subtract points.
  • Transaction History: Show Frequent Buyer card purchases and Points transactions with a couple of clicks.
  • Customer Status and Progress: A Customer's loyalty status and frequent buyer progress can be viewed at any time--and if asked, the cashier can opt out a customer with a click of a button.
  • Intuitive Interface: The information you need is close by but not in the way--and it's easy to learn!

To get a feel for what using plugin is like, watch this introductory video:

Getting Started:

To get started using the RetailPro 9 Plugin, please review these articles below:

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