Incomplete Customer Information | Retailer Customer Accounts

Incomplete Customer Information | Retailer Customer Accounts

You may come across Pet Owner accounts with incomplete customer information. That's okay! Incomplete customer information can be filled in at any time. The email address and phone number serve as unique identifiers to keep customers from being duplicated in Astro and, also, are key to utilizing the Marketing Suite. When checking out a customer with incomplete customer information you will see a prompt to add the information.

Select either Incomplete Customer Information under the customer's name. A window will appear and allow you to add the missing customer information an give you the option to add any additional pet information.

In the window add the missing customer information and select Save Petowner Information. If your customer has not yet added their email address and would like to receive the Verification Email that includes the link to the Customer App you can also select Save and Send Verification Email at this time. Once you have saved the customer information has been added and you are ready to continue checking out your customer.

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