Included Marketing on Astro | My Astro Web Page

Included Marketing on Astro | My Astro Web Page

My Astro Web Page

The My Astro Web Page is included with your Standard Astro Loyalty Account and if free for you to use to share information about your store with your customers. The My Astro Web Page itself is not editable, but it does update automatically based on the Frequent Buyer Programs, Astro Offers, & Adoption Programs you are enrolled in, your Location Information and Logo you added to Account Management, and your Mobile App Customization.
We just recently updated the My Astro Web Page - AGAIN! 🙀😸 There are now three main sections: Monthly Promotions - Adoption Programs - Frequent Buyer Programs.
  1. Monthly Promotions - The default landing page is now dedicated to your Current Monthly Promotions, aka the Astro Offers you are currently enrolled in. Customers will only be able to see the programs that are currently active. They will not be able to see the Offers that haven't started yet, nor the Offers that have expired.
  2. Adoption Programs - Clicking this menu will take the viewer to an educational page about what Adoption Programs are along with info about each of the programs you are currently enrolled in.
  3. Frequent Buyer Programs - Clicking this menu will show the viewer all the Frequent Buyer Programs that your store is currently enrolled in. Each Tile will be clickable so the customer can learn more about a program and the brand promoting it.
Below the three sections there are two drop-down menus that will allow the viewer to filter the list of programs according to Category (Food, Treat, Supplement) and Pet Type (Dog, Cat, etc). This is especially helpful for the Adoption Programs since New Pet Owners will need to choose one Program to redeem something from per Category/Species combination in order to complete their Adoption Bundle.

Information About Your Programs

Your My Astro Web Page automatically customizes itself based on the Astro Frequent Buyer, Astro Offers and Astro Custom Programs that you are currently enrolled in and that are now available at your store. Your Astro Offers will be grouped together at the top of the page under Current Monthly Promotions, while your Custom Programs and Frequent Buyer Programs will be grouped together under Frequent Buyer Programs. My Promotions, which are the In-Store Coupons that you can make with the Marketing Suite, will eventually make their appearance and will be grouped with Currently Monthly Promotions.

If you are enrolled in an Astro Offer that will not be active until the following month it will not be visible to your customers via My Astro Web Page until that month begins and the Offer itself is live. When an Offer expires it will automatically be removed from your page as well. 

Program Tiles

All of the Programs are organized in alphabetical order within their Category (Offer/Promotion or Frequent Buyer). Each Program is showcased on its own Tile. For instance, here is the Tile that the Vital Essentials - Vital Cat Offer is displayed on. 

The viewer is invited to click on the Tile (Click Here for More Info), and when they do so they will be taken to a page that displays more information about that particular Offer or Frequent Buyer, and the brand in general. Below is what the view sees when they click the Vital Cat tile above.

The manufacturers are instructed to choose a description for their Offer or Frequent Buyer that best communicates what they are all about as a company, or what makes their products special. 
My Astro Web Page also includes App Store and Google Play links for your Free Astro Consumer Mobile App. From here your customers can download the version of the Astro Consumer Mobile App that they need for their phone so they can follow along with their Frequent Buyer Cards, view the Astro Offers that you are participating in, track their Loyalty Points if you are running a Loyalty Points Program, and receive Push Notifications from you about events at your store. If you are subscribed to the Astro Marketing Suite you can send either standard text Push Notifications or Push Notifications with images via Campaigns

Your Store's Location & Contact Information

Your My Astro Web Page will show this information in text form and as a Google Map that your customers can easily select and use to navigate to your store. To update the Address and Phone Number shown go to your Actions menu and select Account Management. Here you can edit your Location Information.

This will appear at the top left of your My Astro Web Page and will be the My Logo that you added to Account Management.

To update the logo shown here go to your Actions menu and select Account Management. Then click the brown pencil icon beside My Logo to upload a new logo. In order to be able to upload one you need to have your logo saved on your computer as either a .JPEG or .PNG file. Astro will recommend an optimal pixel size before you upload, 200px wide by 70px high is ideal.. A simple way to adjust the size of your saved Logo before uploading it is by editing it in Microsoft Paint (or any other picture editor that allows you to adjust the Pixel size).

Here is an article from How to Geek that shows several methods for doing this. The method pertaining to Paint is the second one demoed under the subtitle Built In: Use Paint to Resize your Photos.

Post Your My Astro Web Page on your Social Media

On the right hand side of your My Astro Web Page there are several Social Media icons - TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Pinterest. When you click on one of these icons you will be able to post a link to your My Astro Web Page directly to your social media page. 

TIP: Post your My Astro Web Page to your business Facebook page, then pin it to the top so your customers can always find it easily. Then your customers will always know where to check to see your current Offers and they can easily find the links to download your mobile app. 

Below is an example of what a Facebook post looks like. The post will display your store's Logo as the image (as long as you have it saved under Account Management) and it will include a description letting your customers know to click on the post to view your store's Offers and Frequent Buyer. 

Adoption Programs on My Astro Web Page

This section of your My Astro Web Page has some extra info for your customers that they will find helpful in learning more about your Adoption Programs and how they work. 

We are adding an Adoption Page Link button to the Astro Template Builder located in the Marketing Suite that will allow you to add a link to a Template that would take your customer directly to this page.

You can also share a direct link to this page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest using the links located to the top right of the page, or the links below the customer call to action (orange box in image below). 

Make sure your store's phone number is saved under Location Information which is housed under the Actions menu in Account Management. This will make it so your customer can easily call your store by clicking the Contact Us button. This will be especially helpful if you are only taking Curbside Orders currently. 

How to Preview your My Astro Web Page

Login to your Astro account as an Admin and go to your Actions menu and select My Astro Web Page. (If you have more than one location on your account you will need to be logged in under the Master Account as a Master Admin)

To Preview the Offer's Section of your My Astro Web Page click the Astro Loyalty logo beside where it says Preview Link.

This will open up a second tab on your browser where you can then see exactly what your customers would see if they clicked on the embedded link on your store's website (more on that process in a bit).

To preview the page that showcases your Adoption Programs click the Sharing the Love icon beside Preview Link. 

Returning to your My Astro Web Page menu item within your Actions menu you will see two options available to you that will allow you to add a link to the My Astro Web Page from your current store's website. Your options include an HTML Code and an URL Link.

The HTML Code and URL Link beside the Astro Loyalty Logo will take the view to either the Astro Offers sub-section of your My Astro Webpage (if you are enrolled in Astro Offers) or it will take the viewer to your Frequent Buyer section of your My Astro Webpage (if you are not enrolled in Astro Offers.)

If you are participating in our Adoption Program platform there is also an additional HTML Code and URL Link for Sharing the Love. These will take the viewer directly to the Adoption Program sub-section of your My Astro Webpage. 

Embed the HTML Code

This is what you will need to Embed the link to your website. This will add the link within an Astro Loyalty logo (same as the Preview Link above). 
Most web page editors will give you the option to Embed code when you go to edit the page. If you hire someone to design your page for you let them know you would like them to embed an HTML Code that will appear as an image and serve as a link to another web page. Then all you need to do is provide them with the HTML Code, in full, as it appears within your My Astro Web Page menu. 
Every Retailer's My Astro Web Page HTML is different so make sure you collect yours from your account directly.

Insert the URL

The second option is to simply insert the URL provided within some text on your website. This is done by highlighting some text/words and then selecting an Insert Link option on your web page editor. You may be familiar with this method already since it is something you can do on most text based documents and emails. For instance: this is a literal example of an inserted link in text that just happens to take you to Midtown Pet Supply's My Astro Web Page. 

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