Converting Customers during Checkout

Converting Customers during Checkout


If your customers hold onto their own Frequent Buyer Cards then this is the conversion method for you.


Create and practice an actual process for converting the cards. In other words, in what order will you be using Astro compared to your POS?  Astro first? POS first? Most have found that Astro first and POS second is the best order. Since Astro is first you are less likely to forget to update frequent buyer cards, and since the last part of the transaction is the collection of payment you can be certain that all the proper discounts were applied. It is up to you, but we do recommend using the same process consistently to avoid confusion.

  • A customer comes to your register to check out.
  • Ask for their paper card as usual.
  • Explain the groovy new frequent buyer tracking program you are using—Astro, and how it benefits them.
  • Add the customer into Astro (click Add Customer) – explain Welcome Email while adding.
During Add Customer, you have the option to send them a Welcome Email. The email will include a link so they can verify their email address. This will add them to your mailing list so they can receive promotional emails from you, and only you. There will also be a link to download your store’s Mobile App onto either their iPhone or Android so they can follow along with their digital cards, view all the available offers at your store, and receive push notifications from you announcing events and sales. If they only want to utilize the App they can select the email opt-out link at the bottom of the email. 
  • Scan or type in the prior purchases from the existing paper card into Astro. If you choose, you can use Edit Notes to record the date of the first purchase and the date of the last purchase on their card.
  • Scan your customers current qualifying frequent buyer purchases into Astro and finish out their Astro transaction. Make sure to select Paper Card Conversion from the multi-purchase pop-up.
  • Scan all of the customer's current purchases into your POS and collect payment.
  • Write "Astro" and the current date on the paper card.
  • File the card in an area you have designated as completed conversions.
  • Hold onto the converted cards until you receive credit from your distributors.
Then you can recycle those paper cards and feel good about making the earth a better place by going digital! 

Canidae and Fromm paper cards are the only exceptions. Fromm and Canidae have asked that all retailers hold onto all Used and Unused cards. Your reps will notify you when they are ready to come pick them up.

Expedited In-Person Conversion

Since Astro is not tethered to your POS you can leave out a couple steps and return to them later. Some customers may insist that you add their paper card purchases into Astro while they wait, others may be ok with those purchases being added later. If you skip any steps make sure you remember to go back and add them later.
  1. The customer approaches the register.
  2. Request their paper card.
  3. Add Customer to add them to Astro. Explaining what Astro is as you go. 
  4. (If your customer is in a hurry you can let them know that you will add their prior purchases from their card to their Astro account after they leave. They can take a picture of their card so they know what is on it, and you can send them the Welcome Email so they can download the App to see their updated card)
  5. Add their current qualifying purchases to Astro. 
  6. Finish transaction in Astro.
  7. Scan all items into POS and collect payment.
After the customer leaves you can go back and add any details you were missing, such as prior purchases and the dates of the prior purchases. Then mark the paper card with Astro-date and store it with the rest of the converted cards. 

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