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Image Library Overview | Marketing Suite

Are you in search of the perfect image for your upcoming newsletter campaign? How about that fun social media campaign you've been planning? Or are you looking for some printed materials to spice up your shelves?

The Astro Image Library has got you covered!
  1. Brand Marketing Media - supplied by the brands you love to help you showcase their products and programs.
    1. Includes:
      1. Program Images
        1. Astro Offers
        2. Astro Frequent Buyer
        3. Sharing the Love
      2. Shelf Talkers & Signage
      3. Logos
      4. Social Media Images
  2. Astro Marketing Media - curated to help you showcase your Neighborhood Pet Shop.
    1. Includes:
      1. Pet Lifestyle Images
        1. Adoption
        2. Button Designs & Webpage Banners
        3. Holiday Images
        4. My Promotion Images
        5. Campaign Images
      2. Astro Loyalty PNG Logos/Vectors
      3. Astro Social Media
  3. My Media - yup, you guessed it, this is your very own Library to store all the images you have designed and collected. Includes the ability to create custom Tags to help you organize and sort your collection.
    1. Includes:
      1. Any category/size/type of images you like! 
  4. Astro In-Store Media Kit
    1. Located at the top right of your Image Library is a yellow button that will grant you access to our most recent version of the Astro In-Store Media Kit. This is a downloadable file that contains an assortment of images that can be printed (either from a personal printer or sent off to a professional printers) and hung around your store. 

Accessing the Image Library

The Image Library can be accessed while you are designing a template in your Template Editor. Click on an Image on your Template or an empty Image Element to bring up the Library.

NEW Location of the Astro Image Library!

Image Library "Only" Filters

Your Astro Image Library provides you with two toggle filters that will help you further narrow your image search. Your options are:
  1. Show Favorites Only - Limits your view to only the images you have favorited.
  2. Optimized for Social Media - Limits your view to only the images that are an optimal size for posting to your social media pages.
NOTE: You can only use one toggle at a time, either Favorites or Optimized. You cannot have both boxes checked at the same time.

Show Favorites Only

Any image in this Library, from Brand Media all the way to My Media can be Favorited. Favoriting an image will ensure it always appears at the top of your page, making it easier to locate later. 

Favorites appear alphabetically at the top of your page. The rest of the images will appear below your favorites, also in alphabetical order. 

To favorite an image click the white heart 🤍 beside it. When the heart turns red ❤ its been successfully favorited! The next time you enter that section of the Library the favorited image will appear at the top of the page! To un-favorite an image click the red heart in order to turn it white again.

To remove the unfavorited images from view so you only see your selected favorites, check the box beside the Show Favorites Only toggle at the top right of the page. 

Optimized for Social Media Only

Each section of the Image Library contains a toggle that will allow you to filter all images so only the ones that are optimized for social media will be visible. Optimized images are tagged with a Thumbs-Up icon. 

Beside the Optimized icon you should see your social icons. If you do not, this means that your Marketing Suite Settings are incomplete. Return to your Marketing Suite Dashboard and click Settings (located at the top right of your Marketing Dashboard) and click the Connect to Facebook setting. Follow the prompts to link either both your Business Facebook and Business Instagram pages, or one or the other. 

Astro optimizes images based on their pixel dimensions. These images are at least 800 pixels wide, but are also smaller than 1 megabit. 

If you are searching for a themed image to post to your Facebook or Instagram Business page use the library tabs and their drop-down menus to zero in on your theme - such as Holiday, or Adoption. Then check the box for Optimized.  

In the example below I wanted to find a suitable Cat image. So I selected the Astro Media Library and set the filters to show: Lifestyle > Cat > and Campaign Image. Then I checked the box for Optimized and now I have a bunch of images to choose from.

NOTE: All images within the Astro Image Library that are under 1Mb can be posted to your social media - so you will see images that have Facebook and Instagram icons above them, but do not have an Optimized icon. You are more than welcome to share these images, but in doing so they may appear slightly pixelated. 

Download Image:

You can download the full resolution of an image by clicking on the down arrow icon above the images. 

Image Library Sections

Each subsection of the Image Library has new organizational features, new content, new functionality, and there's more to come! Read up on the features and content within each section here:
  1. Brand Media | Image Library
  2. Astro Media | Image Library
  3. Astro Social Media | Image Library (now a subsection of the Astro Media Library)
  4. My Media | Image Library

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