How to Share on Social Media

How to Share on Social Media

What is a "Share"?

Sharing on social media is like forwarding a great article to friends or family. It's an easy way to highlight things in your industry or in your area that you find interesting!
If you find something on social media that you think your customers and followers would enjoy, sharing that content helps the right people see it.

Why Sharing is Important

In order for your social page to be a real asset for your business, they need content.  That content helps show what is important to you as a brand, brings in new customers, and drives engagement.

Sharing relevant posts is probably the easiest way to build that content for your page. Sharing posts when someone mentions you is also an excellent way to recognize the original poster and gives excellent social proof that your brand is out there doing things right!

Sharing social posts is a critical component of a good digital strategy.  Let's check out how it's done!

Sharing on Facebook

Every public post on Facebook has a "Share" option.  As a business, this allows you to showcase any relevant posts - especially the posts that mention your Pet Store!

Once you've clicked share, these are the five (5) steps you need to follow to ensure that everything is shared correctly.
Follow along on the picture below!

Step 1 : From the first drop down, make sure to select "Share on a Page You Manage"
Step 2 : If you manage multiple pages, make sure you select the correct page to share to from the second drop down
Step 3 : Say something about the post! Thank the pet owner for posting about you, comment about the photo/video, be genuine and build that relationship!
*Bonus Tip* - This is also where you tag and mention other parties involved.  If this is about Astro Adopt, please tag us by typing "@astropetloyalty"!
For more info on tagging on social, click here to check out our article
Step 4 : Make sure the post is set to "Public"
Step 5 : Hit "Post"
And there you have it. You've just shared some awesome content onto your Facebook page, well done!

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