How to Draft and Send a Mass Email | Included Basic Mass Email Tool

How to Draft and Send a Mass Email | Included Basic Mass Email Tool

How to Draft and Send a Basic Mass Email

This article goes over how to use our Basic Mass Email System. This is one of the marketing tools that is included with a Standard Astro Loyalty Frequent Buyer Membership Subscription. This is not the same email system used in our newly launched Astro Marketing Suite. We will continue to offer this Basic Mass Email Tool for the remainder of 2019, but come Jan 1st 2020 we will retire this Basic Mass Email system. We hope that you will explore our new Marketing Tools via the 15-day Marketing Suite Free Trial while we retire the old system. 
Only Admin users can access the Mass Emails

Step One: Creating an Email

Select the Actions tab and select Mass Email option.

Select Create New Email.

Step Two: Filling out Email Specifications

The first drop down field in this section is “Email Association.”  You can select a program you want to highlight, a general call to action, or your customer statements.

Then, “Pet Type.”  You can narrow your email recipients by selecting a particular animal type, other, or all.

The “From” is used to enter the name of the store, or an individual or mascot name.

Reply-to Email” can be “no-reply” or any email address you choose.

Input “Subject.” We suggest using something attention-grabbing to stand out.

You must have a Subject in order to proceed.

Your “Recipients” field will have several entries. 

Verify these are the customers you wish to connect with and select “Save and Proceed.”

Step Three: Crafting the Look of the Email

This screen gives you multiple options in creating a professional, eye-catching email.  Take note of the blocks of color displayed across the screen.  You can choose from multiple backgrounds.

Scrolling through the email shows the program, the valid dates, your company logo, and a link to see all of the programs you are offering.
There is also a highlighted box for you to enter a customized message. Once you have entered your text and selected submit, the body of your text will be created.

After you click on the highlighted area this pop-up will appear, you can add a Heading and enter your text in the second box. Once you have entered your text and selected submit, the body of your text will be created. 

The message can include up to approximately 1,325 words.

You can see how your Heading and Body will look. (indicated by the green arrows in the photo below)
After reviewing the message, scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and click Save and Proceed.

Once you click on Save and Proceed, new options will appear at the bottom of the page. 

Step Four: Finalize and Queue

Here you can select to Send Test EmailSave as a Draftor Save and Queue for Sending

If you select Send Test Email, a pop-up window will ask you to enter an email to see an example of what will be sent out to your customers before finalizing. 

If you select Save as Draft, your current progress will be saved and you will be taken back to your Email Communications page. You will see that you have a draft waiting and you can edit it at anytime using the pencil icon. 

If everything looks good and you are ready to send, select Save and Queue for Sending. It will take you back to your Email communication page and will initially say Queue under the Status column, but once it is done loading it will say SentOnce it has sent, you can see how many recipients have viewed or clicked on the email. 

The amount of time it takes to finish the Queue can vary on the length of the message and/or how many recipients will be receiving. 

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