How to Send a Social Media Campaign | Marketing Suite

How to Send a Social Media Campaign | Marketing Suite

How to Send a Social Media Campaign:

1. Go to Marketing on your account. 

2. Select Campaigns. 

3. Click on 'Social Media- Image and Caption'

4. Locate an image you wish to share.

If you do not see Facebook or Instagram icons above images check your Marketing Suite Facebook Settings

Some good places to look are:
  1. Brand Media > Brand Social Media
  2. Brand Media > Astro Offers
  3. Astro Media > Astro Lifestyle > Holiday
  4. Astro Media > Astro Lifestyle > Adoption
  5. Astro Media > Astro Social Media
  6. Check the box beside "Optimized for Social Media"
  7. You can also upload your own creations to My Media and share them from there!
  8. Favoriting an Image (click the Heart icon to make it red) will save it at the top of the page for later.

  1. 90% of the images located in the Image Library are shareable via Astro Social and will have Facebook and Instagram icons above them. 
  2. "Optimized for Social Media" images are equal to or greater than 800 pixels wide. This means that when posted, they will not appear pixelated.
  3. Images that are exceptionally large in their dimensions will not have Astro Social capabilities. These are the images that are intended for Printed use (Brand Media > Shelf Talkers & Printable Signage).

5. Click on the Facebook or Instagram icon above the image you would like to use. 

In this view we are under Astro Media > Astro Social Media and we have our Optimized for Social Media box checked. 

TIP: Within Astro Social Media you are able to further filter your view between All Social Platforms / Instagram / Facebook.
  1. The Instagram section will contain images sized at 1080x1080 pixels, Instagram's ideal image dimension. 
  2. The Facebook section will include images sized at 1200x628 pixels, Facebook's ideal image dimension. This is also the ideal dimension to choose when picking a Facebook Image when sharing a Template Campaign to your Facebook timeline.
  3. Facebook will permit you to post other image dimensions. For instance, square images will also look great when posted directly.
  4. If a rectangular image is posted to Instagram, Instagram will crop the image so it will appear as a square in the preview. But when a viewer clicks on the image they will be able to see the full rectangular image.

6. Type your message in the text box and click to share to your social media page. 

Facebook Share

Instagram Share

TIP: Include #hashtags and @tags. #hashtags will help people find your post even if they do not follow you. @tags allow you to give brand partners a shoutout and will cause your post to show up on their social feeds so they can like and comment. 

Astro Social will not confirm whether you have an @tag spelled correctly, so check your social account to find the proper spelling. For instance, Astro Loyalty's @tags are @astropetloyalty for Facebook and @astroloyalty for Instagram. So if you were to include @astropetloyalty in the Image Message for an Astro Social post to Facebook, Astro Loyalty will get an alert and will like your post!

7. You will be notified if your message was shared successfully. Click Close. 

If it says the image was unable to be shared check your Facebook or Instagram page settings/permissions. Or try relinking your Facebook Business account from your Marketing Suite Settings. 

8. Your image will then be posted to your Facebook or Instagram page.

Your typed message will appear with the image, and any #hashtags or @tags you added will appear as links. You don't have to go look at it since the post has already been created. But you can pop over to add comments, a boost, and more tags 😁

Facebook Share

Facebook Share

On Facebook, you can Boost Post or Add a Comment. Your followers will also be able to Like, Comment, and Share.

Instagram Share

On Instagram, you can Add a Comment and Tag Pages. Your followers will also be able to Like, Comment, and Share.

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