How to Send a Simple Text-Only SMS Text Message | Simple Campaigns | Marketing Suite

How to Send a Simple Text-Only SMS Text Message | Simple Campaigns | Marketing Suite

Before sending a Text Message, please review what is not allowed to be sent via Text Messages:
Anything that is illegal in the jurisdiction where the message recipient lives. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cannabis. Messages related to cannabis are not allowed in the United States as federal laws prohibit its sale, even though some states have legalized it. Similarly, messages related to CBD are not permissible in the United States, as certain states prohibit its sale. Twilio defines a cannabis message as any message which relates to the marketing or sale of a cannabis product, regardless of whether or not those messages explicitly contain cannabis terms, images, or links to cannabis websites.
  2. Prescription Medication. Offers for prescription medication that cannot legally be sold over-the-counter are prohibited in the United States.
  3. Hate speech, harassment, exploitative, abusive, or any communications that originate from a hate group.
  4. Fraudulent messages.
  5. Malicious content, such as malware or viruses.
  6. Any content that is designed to intentionally evade filters

How to Send a Simple Text-Only SMS Text Message

1. Select Marketing on the top of your Astro account.

2, Select Campaigns. 

3. Scroll down and select 'SMS Text Messaging- Text Only'

4. Click on 'New SMS Text Message'

5. Enter in the 'From' that you would like your customers to see. 

6. Enter in your message in SMS Text box. (250 Characters Max).

7. Select the Recipients that you want to send the text message to. It will default to "All Pet Owners.' If you have created a list, from the List Generator section, it will also appear on the drop down menu.
8. Once you have entered your message and selected the customers you would like to send this to, click on 'Save and Send SMS'.

9. A pop-up window will appear for confirmation to send the text message. Select 'Send Test Message' if everything is correct and ready to go!

10. After your message has been sent, you will be taken back to the main SMS Dashboard page. Here you will see all of the texts that you have created and see the status of each one. 

Quick break down on what each of the columns mean:
Text Messages- Shows each text message that you have created. Newest to Oldest. 
Status- It will say "Queued" or "Sent." If the status says "Queued" it is currently processing to be sent. 
Created- The dated the text was created.
Sent- The dated the text has been sent.
Total Recipients- Total selected customers the text is being sent to.
Sent To- Customers that the text was received by. 
Actions- You can archive any text messages that you created. 

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