How to Properly Tag on Social Media

How to Properly Tag on Social Media

If you've ever wondered how or why to tag a person or brand on social media, you're in the right place!

But First, What is Tagging?

Tagging on social media is the act of tying or linking a person or a brand page to a piece of content. This notifies the tagged party and is a direct way to bring a piece of content to their attention. 

Why Do We Tag?

Generally, we tag pieces of content that we want to bring to the attention of another person or brand. For example, if you're promoting an Astro Offer for a particular pet food brand on social media, you can actually mention (tag) the brand's social page. This alerts the brand that you've done so which could bring the brand to your page to comment or even share your post for you!

You can even mention us by using our name on these different social platforms, we love seeing and sharing your posts:
Facebook : @astropetloyalty
Instagram : astroloyalty
Twitter: @Astro_Loyalty
LinkedIn: @astroloyalty

If you're participating in any of our Loyalty in Action programs, tag us anytime you post!

Now, let's see how to properly tag on social media!

Tagging on Facebook

How to tag a person or brand on Facebook

To tag someone on Facebook, you simply need to type "@" followed by that person's or brand's page name anywhere that you can type content. 
If you're creating a post, you can put it right in the content box.
Once you complete the name, Facebook will suggest the page you're trying to tag (shown below.) 
Just click that page and you're all done. 

Now Facebook will make it all pretty and you'll have a perfectly tagged post that should look a little like this!


What happens when I get tagged in a post on Facebook?

When you get tagged in a post on Facebook you'll get a notification that looks like this:

What should I do when I get tagged on Facebook post?

Good news! Usually this means someone is promoting your store, your brand or an offer you're participating in! 
This is an excellent opportunity for you to  (1) Like, (2) Commentand (3) Share the post!  

If you'd like to learn more about commenting on social, click here
If you'd like to learn more about sharing posts on social, click here

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