How to Post on Social Media

How to Post on Social Media

What is posting?

Posting is the main form of content creation on social media.  On most platforms you can post all sorts of creative content. 
You can share text, picture, videos, article links, or pretty much anything online!

Why is posting on social media important?

Social media is only as good as the content is houses and the interaction that content creates.
You've got to give your customers something to talk about and share
One secret to social content - posting regularly on social media is critical for digital success. 
Just like training a pet, consistency is key.

Posting on Facebook

How do I create a post on Facebook?

For this example I'm going to show you how to post an image or video to your Facebook page but the same steps can be followed to post any type of content!

Step 1 : Download an image or video that you want to post to your Facebook Page

Step 2 : From your Facebook page, click on "photo/video"

Step 3 : On your computer, locate the image or video you'd like to post and select it

Step 4 : Write some content related to the post - it doesn't have to be perfect and you can always edit it later if needed!

Step 5 : Be sure to tag any people or companies related your post by mentioning them using the "@" symbol
      For instance : Astro Loyalty is "@astropetloyalty" on Facebook 
For more on tagging, check out our article here

Step 6 : Hit "Post" and you're all done!

Bonus Tips
      You can make your content show up in certain searches by using the correct hashtag (# )
            Use #AstroAdopt or #AstroSharingTheLove in your post to show your participation in Astro Loyalty's Sharing the Love Campaign

      You can pin a post to the top of your page if it has an offer or promotion that can run for a longer period of time
            Just click the triple dot in the upper sight hand corner and select "Pin to Top of Page

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