How to Market your Pet Adoption Bundles to your Customers | Sharing the Love Adoption Programs

How to Market your Pet Adoption Bundles to your Customers | Sharing the Love Adoption Programs

There are several ways in which you can promote these programs to your customers and their friends and family. We will start with how you can promote these programs via Astro using our Marketing Suite then we can go over best practices for showcasing these programs on social media.

Let's start with what Adoption Programs are all about- Sharing the Love!

  1. Astro designs a new platform called Sharing the Love so brands can give back to the community and help your store help new pet owners welcome their pets into their homes.
  2. These brands publish Adoption Programs via Astro that Indy store owners are able to enroll in and share with their customers and their community. 
  3. Rescues and shelters are able to share with their adopters info about these programs, and the fosters and volunteers know that your store will take care of them and their adopted pets will be happy and healthy.
  4. Your customers who have friends and family who recently adopted a new pet can share news with them about your Adoption Programs and feel good that they were able to hook them up with some helpful knowledge. Your customers who love your store are happy to refer your store to their loved ones because they know you and your staff will take care of them. 
  5. A person adopts a new pet- they fell in love and decided to welcome them home as new member to their family.
  6. A pet enters their new home and they are overflowing with love to share with their new family.
  7. The new pet owner enters your store and you are able to share with them free food, treats, supplies for their new pet.
  8. You take a happy picture of them with their new pet and the Adoption Bundle they just received for Free at your store. You share this picture on your social media and tag the Brands and Astro as a thank you for helping you make a happy day even happier!
  9. Astro responds to being tagged in your happy post by sharing your post with our friends and commenting about how happy we are that your store is a part of our growing family. Together we can make our world a more beautiful place where everyone looks out for one another!
  10. This new pet owner is now a part of your family of loyal customers and will share their love for your store with their friends and family in the years to come. 
  11. Love grows when it is shared. These beautiful moments are all connected. Together we made it all happen and we are better people for it.

Let's get to Sharing this Love!

We can start with how to add your Adoption Programs to an Astro Template. Then we can go over how to quickly send that Template with your customers as a Campaign. And finally close with how to Post that Campaign on your Facebook and Twitter pages so your customers and friends can Share it with their friends and family. 

Adding Adoption Programs to a Template

You are able to add your Adoption Programs to any Template. 

To start, you can make your own Template from scratch, or you can use one of our pre-designed Templates under Browse Astro Templates.

We are adding Adoption Bundle Templates to Astro Templates for ease of use.

Templates are all comprised of Elements. Elements allow you to add Text, Images, and Offers to your Template in a controlled manner. The Element that we will be focusing on here will be the Flyer Link Element that you have used in the past to add the Offers section of your My Astro Web Page to a Template. You can now use this same Element to add a link to your Adoption Programs.

Select and Import your Astro Template

Start by going to the Templates section of your Marketing Suite Dashboard. Then select the long grey button that says Browse Astro Templates. Scroll through your options until you find one that suits your fancy. Click on the Template's Preview button in order to view it in its entirety.

If you like it click the green Import button. This will move the Template you chose into your Template Builder.

Once this particular Template is imported to your Template Builder you will notice that there are no Promo/Offer Elements. This is because we are going to be using your My Astro Web Page to showcase your Adoption Programs to your customers. 

Editing a Text Element

Let's start with the primary Text Element on the Template. In order to edit the contents of a Text Element all you need to do is click on where it lies on the Template. Then you will see a pop-up like this where you can make adjustments to the Text. 

You are welcome to edit any of the content that you see here, but at the very least you will need to edit the phone number as it appears here. First bring your cursor over top of the number and click on it. This will highlight the link blue. Now you will see a couple of the editing buttons change color.

Click on the button that looks like a chain link. This will open the following pop-up. 

Start by editing the number that appears on the Text to Display line. Replace the number there with your store's phone number.
You could replace the number with text if you wished, like Call Us. But if your customer is reading this on their computer then they may not be able to click that link to call you and will need to know what the number is in order to pick up their phone to dial it. 
Now edit the URL field.
You want to preserve where it says tel:+ (this is what makes this a clickable link for calling the number).
Replace the phone number on that line with your own. 

When you are done it should look something like this, but with your store's phone number. 

Click Ok to save your changes. Then you can click Save on the Text Element Editor if you have no other changes to make.

We have added a new sub-section to your My Astro Webpage that is dedicated to showcasing your Adoption Programs to your customers while also encouraging them to share news about your programs with their peers who may have recently adopted. There are several ways to share this page with your customers.
One is adding it to a Template and sending that Template as a Campaign to your customers- which you will see how to do below.
Another is sharing that page directly to your Social Media.
Or you can embed a link to it on your business website.
Find out how to perform these other two methods here.

To add the Flyer Link Element to your Template double click on the grey Element Button. This will place the Element at the bottom of your Template.

Notice the button added to your Template is for the default Browse Offers link. In order for your button to take your customer to the correct section of your My Astro Web Page you will need to edit the button and choose an Adoption Button. To edit the button click directly on it. 

Now choose one of the Pet Adoption options listed and click on it. This will add it to your Template.

You can choose to leave your button at the bottom of the Template. 

Or you can drag & drop it to wherever you want it on the Template. To drag & drop place your cursor over the button, then click on it but do not lift your finger. While you are still pressing down on the cursor you will notice that you are able to drag the image up. The best advice I can give her is to frog hop over one Element at a time until you reach the spot you want. Once you have it where you want it release your hold on the cursor. 

Adding your Template to a Campaign

Once you have finished editing your Template you can change your title of it to whatever you like.
I like to add the date to the beginning of the title, this helps me find it easier when I am adding it to my Campaign. 

Now go to the Campaigns section of your Marketing Suite Dashboard. 

Click the New Campaign button, then select New Blank Campaign

  1. Give your Campaign a Title - this Title will not be seen by the recipients. 
  2. Add a Marketing List to Recipient List if you made one, or you can keep it set to All Pet Owners
  3. If you have a Multi-Location Account on Astro choose either All Locations from the drop-down on the right side of this page if you want this campaign to go to everyone, or you can select one of your specific locations and the campaign will only go to the customers that have shopped at that store. 
  4. Choose how you want your Campaign to be Communicated - Email - Push Notification to the Mobile App - SMS Text. You can choose multiples.
  5. Add your Subject/s. These will be seen by your customers so make them engaging and fun!
  6. Then click Step 2 - Template Selection.
  7. Astro will show you a pop-up to confirm and approve what you have written for your Subjects, if you are happy click Confirm & Continue.

  1. Select the Template you just made from the drop-down menu.
  2. To the right scroll through and review the entire Template, including the Footer
  3. If you need to make changes to the body of the Template click the Edit button below the Template drop-down.
  4. If you need to add info to your Footer click the blue Edit Template Footer button above the preview of the Template.
    1. Your Footer should include the following- Store Address, Store Phone Number, Store Website, Business Facebook, Business Instagram, Business Twitter. If you add your social media links they will appear as icon links in your footer.
  5. You can send yourself a Preview email by clicking Send Preview located at the top right. 
  6. Once you are happy with everything and are ready to send you can click Save and Queue for Sending. (If you are not ready to send click Save as Draft and you can return to it later.)
  7. Since we didn't add any Astro Offers to this Template you will see a pop-up that asks you if you want to associate any Offers with this Campaign. Select No and Continue with the Send.
Social Media is king when it comes to you being able to successfully Share the Love in your community. So make sure that your Footer includes your Social Media links. 

When sending yourself a Preview of your Campaign make sure to view the email on a smaller screen, like on your smart phone, to make sure that it will look nice on all devices. 

Posting your Sent Campaign on your Social Media

Once your Campaign is sent you will be able to post it to your Facebook and Twitter pages. 
If you are watching your Campaign send you will need to refresh your browser page after a couple moments in order to see that it was sent.
 All sent Campaigns will have a blue Social Media share button below it. If you do not see this button the Campaign is either still in Draft and needs to be Queued to Send, or it is still in the process of sending  and you may need to refresh the page to see if the send was completed.

Click the Social Media button to start the sharing process. This article will guide you through all the steps - How to Post a Sent Campaign on Social Media

Tips for Sharing:
  1. Make sure your post is set to PUBLIC. This is very important otherwise people new to your store will miss it.
  2. Encourage your followers to share your post with their friends and family who have adopted new pets this year.
  3. When sharing on Facebook tag Astro Loyalty and the brands who are sponsoring your programs. This is done by typing @ and then starting to spell out the name of a brand. Ex. Astro Loyalty's @ tag is @astropetloyalty
  4. Take a moment to @ tag the Facebook pages belonging to the Rescues and Shelters in your area. They will see the tag and then they can either share your post and its info on their Facebook page or they can comment on your post.
  5. When sharing on Facebook or Twitter you can throw in some hashtags to help people find your post and your programs. The hashtag we are tracking is #astrosharingthelove
  6. If we see your post tagged one of those 2 ways we will share it on our social media pages to help you spread the word far and wide about all the good work you are doing to make a positive difference in your community. 
  7. Follow Astro Loyalty on Facebook so we can see your post.
  8. Make sure you are liking and commenting on your followers comments and shares.

For more tips about marketing your Adoption Programs and business on Social Media check out these helpful articles in our Knowledge Base. 
  1. How to Comment on Social Media
  2. How to Post on Social Media
  3. How to Properly Tag on Social Media
  4. How to Share on Social Media
  5. How to Find and Edit Your Username on Social Media

Customizable Marketing Materials for Sharing The Love

We have Canva Templates available to help you make things like New Pet Checklists, table tents, buttons, and more! Customizable Media Kit | Canva Templates for Astro Loyalty | Astro Retailers

What to learn more? Join us for one of our Weekly Webinars.

Follow these links to our registration links and recordings of past webinars.

Or follow us on Facebook and checkout our Events page. 

On demand & webinar recordings can be found here, and on the Sharing The Love playlist on our YouTube channel. 
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