How to Enroll | Sharing the Love Pet Adoption Programs

How to Enroll | Sharing the Love Pet Adoption Programs

In order to enroll in a Pet Adoption Program you will need to be logged into your Astro account as an Admin User (Cashier Users do not have the ability to enroll in programs). The Pet Adoption Programs are housed under their own category within your Offers menu on your Astro Homescreen. 

Available Pet Adoption Programs

This section of the Offers menu will show you all of the Pet Adoption Programs that are currently available for you to enroll and participate in. 

You can either scroll through the list of programs, or you can use the drop-down menus to filter the list to a specific category. 

Once you find one that interests you click on the blue title. 

To the bottom right of the program description you will see a red Enroll button. Click that button. 

Now you can select your Distributor from the drop-down menu and enter your Distributor Account Number
Select Distributor
Add your Distributor Account Number
  1. If you have enrolled with this Distributor before then your previously saved Distributor Account Number will automatically populate in the field for you.
  1. Not all Distributors issue Account Numbers to their customers. 
  1. Some Distributors require that you add your Account Number to your enrollments on Astro. 
  1. If you are not sure what your Account Number is check one of your recent invoices from that distributor, or email/contact your Distributor and ask that they send it to you. 
  1. If you do not see your distributor listed you can choose to enroll with the Temporary Holding Distributor which will serve as a placeholder until your distributor can be added to the program. If you select Temporary Holding be sure to email us at and request that your distributor be added otherwise your redemptions will sit in a limbo style waiting room and will not be credited. 

Once you have successfully filled in the fields on the pop-up you can click I Agree to finalize the enrollment. 

Once you have enrolled in a program it will be removed from the list of Available Pet Adoption Programs and added to the Enrolled Pet Adoption Programs list which is also accessible from the Offers menu. 

Pet Adoption Enrollment Grid (Multi-location Accounts): 

If you are an Admin on a main account, you can enroll all your stores via the Enrollment Grid. Select Offers then Pet Adoption Enrollment Grid

This will show you all of your stores and you can then enroll all locations in whichever Adoption programs you want them to participate in by clicking on the Enroll link. You can narrow down your search by using the drop down menus at the top of the page for Manufacturers and by Locations. 

Enrolled Pet Adoption Programs

This is where all of your enrolled Pet Adoption Programs will live. To access this list go to your Offers menu and select Enrolled Pet Adoption Programs

From here you can review the details of the programs you are enrolled in. 
You can see the dates the program is available between. 
You can also change or update the Distributor with which your program is enrolled.

How to Change the Distributor on an Enrolled Program

Click on the blue title of the program to open up its details. 

TIP: In the image shared above you will notice there is a button below the enrolled Adoption Program that says Quick Campaign. The ability to send Quick Campaigns is a feature that is included with our Astro Marketing Suite. The Marketing Suite has been a Free Service for all of our Astro members while we are all affected by the social restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
Below Program Fulfillment you will see the name of the Distributor the program is currently reporting to. To change it click on the name of that distributor. 

Now you will see the same pop-up that you saw when you first enrolled in the program and you will be able to choose a new Distributor from the drop-down menu and enter a new Distributor Account Number below. Once you have made the necessary changes you can click Save Selection

Now you will see your new Distributor listed below Program Fulfillment

Restricted Accounts will not be able to participate in the Adoption Bundles unless its for the brand the account is restricted too. If you would like to activate your account to be able to participate in other Frequent Buyer brands and Adoption bundles, check out this article: Activating Your Astro Account