How to Enable | Shopify Ecommerce Integration

How to Enable | Shopify Ecommerce Integration

Ecommerce Instructions

*The Shopify Ecommerce integration is by Mighty App. If you are a Non- Mighty App account, there is a fee for using their app. Please contact their support for any questions about the integration:

App Installation & Theme Configuration

  1. Download the Astro App on the Shopify App Store:

  1. Submit a ticket with Astro Support to activate the REST API at

  1. Login to the Astro Loyalty app for Shopify to Connect your Account and Activate Your Plan
If you haven’t set up a password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the Sign In prompt. You’ll receive an email to set up a new password to log into the app.

Connect Your Astro Account:

1. On the Shopify app, click on either link highlighted below to enter your Astro credentials and connect your account.

2. Pick Your Plan - choose the plan that’s right for your business. 

3. Activate the app into your Shopify Theme
    1. In your Shopify Admin, click “Online Store”
    2. Click “Themes” and then click “Customize” on the theme you want to activate Astro onto
    3. In the Shopify theme customizer, click “App Embeds” and turn the Astro app on to publish the Astro button to your theme
      1. Alternatively, or in addition to,  you can implement your own link to encourage customers to connect their account by using your Shopify URL with /apps/loyalty/welcome appended (i.e.

Have questions or need help?
Please submit a ticket to and their customer service representative will be able to assist you!