How to Enable eTail Integration | eTail Pet SELLIT! PLUS POS

How to Enable eTail Integration | eTail Pet SELLIT! PLUS POS

If you are using the SELLIT! PLUS POS system, here are the steps to enable the eTail Pet integration. 

Store Configuration Setup:

If you have one location or multiple ones you can set up the login information per location, follow these steps. 

1. Go to Settings in your POS. 

2. Select Stores. 

3. Edit the Store information.
You can add stores if you have multiple locations and each one can then be linked to their Astro accounts as well. 

4. Scroll down to the Third Party Integration section and check the box for Astro Loyalty. 

5. Enter in your Astro username and password. 

6. Scroll down and Save. 

Repeat these steps if you have multiple locations. You'll be able to add their Astro login information per store. 

7. Reach out to our Support team at, so that we can enable the integration on your Astro account as well. 

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