How to Comment on Social Media

How to Comment on Social Media

What is Commenting on Social Media?

Commenting is the "social" in "social media".
This is the main form of interaction individuals and brands have on social platforms. 

Why is Commenting on Social Media Important?

Commenting on Social Media is a quick way to show your customers you're listening.
Whenever someone mentions you in a post on social, just taking the extra two minutes to say something relevant or meaningful goes an extremely long way. 
Commenting is the voice and personality behind your brand.

Customers love your brand, so when they shout you out - shout back!

Let's check out how to comment on Social Media.

Comment on Facebook

Every Facebook post has this comment option.

So when you get notified that you've been mentioned in a post you should:
  1. Like/Love that post
  2. Say something back!

If you're having a tough time coming up with things to say, keep it simple.
  1. Always say "Please" and "Thank you"
  2. Say something about their pet, we all love that
  3. Mention a past interaction
  4. Invite them back to your store
  5. Most importantly - just say something!
This is also a great space to tag and mention anyone else who would love to see this post!  just type "@" followed by the person or company you'd like to tag.
      *For more on tagging, check out our article here!

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