How to Checkout & Redeem Frequent Buyers | Pinogy Integration

How to Checkout & Redeem Frequent Buyers | Pinogy Integration


1. Make sure you are enrolled in Frequent Buyer. To Enroll, please see this article: How to Enroll in Frequent Buyer Programs on Astro

2. In Pinogy, make sure your Frequent Buyer is enabled under Add Ons > Configure
For multiple locations, make sure it is checked for each location that is participating in Frequent Buyers. 

How to Checkout & Redeem Frequent Buyer:

1. In the Cash Register, Search or Add the customer to the sale.

2. Add the items the customer is purchasing to the sale. 

3. Select Pay. This will check if the customer is in Astro and see if they might qualify for a Free Good.

4. If the customer has filled up their frequent buyer card, you will see a pop-up window letting you know that the customer can redeem for their Free Good. It will list the items that the customer qualifies for. Select the item to redeem. 
If the customer would like to pick up their free good another day, then you can select Cancel. This is the equivalent to selecting "Redeem Later" in Astro. 

5.  You will then see the discounted item as 100% Discount along with the purchase of any other items, if all is accurate, choose the payment type and select "Finish".
In this example the customer was buying 1 bag and redeeming their free good item. 

If you log into Astro, you will see the customer's punch cards marked. If you click on Checkout you will see if the card was redeemed as well.