How to Checkout & Redeem Offers | 4 | RetailPro POS Plugin

How to Checkout & Redeem Offers | 4 | RetailPro POS Plugin

Make sure you are enrolled in Astro Offers on your Astro account. Here is an article on how to enroll in Offers: How to Enroll in Offers | Astro Offers

Video Walkthrough provided by RetailPro:

1. If you have not configured your RetailPro plugin for Offers, please view this article first before proceeding: Install and Configure | RetailPro

2. We'll create a new receipt and assign a loyalty customer.

3. There are many different Offers programs and the list of available ones changes frequently as manufacturers promote different products. If the customer would like to see what offers are currently available, the cashier can click the Manufacturer Offers button.

The first tab on the fly-out window shows the list of Offers enrolled for that store.

4. As items are added to the receipt that match UPCs in the Offers program, rewards are automatically applied. Some require one or more items on the receipt before giving a discount on the next; others get immediately discounted.

5. As Offer rewards are applied, a second tab on the Offers fly-out window shows which items on the current receipt have received these discounts.

Some Offers have limits on the number of items that can be discounted. If the limit has been reached for an item on the receipt, the third tab on the Offers fly-out window lists the reason why no further discount was applied to that item.

6. These applied discounts are not redeemed with Astro Loyalty until the receipt is tendered and saved.

The list of Manufacturer Offers the store is enrolled in gets read at the beginning of a Retail Pro session. If new programs are enrolled during the day, they won't be recognized by the plug-in. In this case, the cashier can simply hit the refresh button on the floating menu and the internal list of enrolled offers will be updated and take effect on new purchases immediately.

How to Remove a Offer Discount:

If you need to remove an offer from the receipt, you can simply remove the item from the receipt. 

Another option is you can click on the MFG Offers button. 

Select the item and click on Unclaim.