Fulfillment Report Accounts on Astro

Fulfillment Report Accounts on Astro

Account Setup: 

The setup for all Fulfillment Report accounts on Astro is the same regardless of what POS System Tracking Software you are using. 

1. Sign up for a Free Trial account at www.astroloyalty.com/try-astro/ 

Multiple Stores:

If you have multiple locations, each store needs to be added to Astro. If the stores would like to remain separate from each other, the other locations will need to also sign up for an Astro account. If you would like the stores set up as a Multi-location account we can add the other stores as sub-locations to a main account, so that all the locations are together.  If you choose the Multi-location option, please contact support@astroloyalty.com with the additional store's names and addresses to be added. This is so the redemptions are submitted under the correct location(s) in order to receive the credits from your distributors. 

2. Once you have an Astro account, we will convert it to a POS report account. An Admin user will be created when you signed up. All Astro Accounts should have at least one Admin User to handle tasks such as Enrolling in Programs, Account Management, Reconciling of Reports, and Billing. Please use a valid email, so that our processing team can contact you with any questions about your reports. 
If you need to add other users, as an Admin you can do so by following these steps: Adding, Editing, Masquerading & Removing Employee Users

3. The next step is to enroll in the Frequent Buyer programs that you are currently running at your store. This can be done on your Frequent Buyer menu and selecting Available Astro Frequent Buyers. 
This article will walk you through the steps on enrolling: How to Enroll in Frequent Buyer Programs on Astro

This video may also help:

4. Activating your Astro account. If you are still in your Free Trial and are ready to activate please contact us at support@astroloyalty.com and let us know that you would like to activate your Free Trial as a POS Report account. 

5. We will then need a Redemption export from your POS. The process for exporting a Redemption Report will be specific to the POS System that you are using. If you are unsure as to how to export your Redemption Report it may be best to contact your POS System's tech support. This export needs to be in a specific format in order for our processing team to upload into your Astro account. 
This needs include a column for each: Transaction ID, Transaction Date, FBCID, Customer ID, Customers First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone, Address, State, Zip, Manufacturer Name, Program ID, Program Name, Transaction Type, UPC, Item Description, and Quantity. 

FBCID- A Frequent Buyer ID number. This is a unique ID generated for each new frequent buyer card. Each time a customer starts a new card its assigned a unique FBCID.
First and Last Name- First and Last Names should be in separate columns.
Email Address, Phone, and Address- This information is optional and can be left blank, however these columns still need to be added to your file for processing. 
Transaction Type- You will need to designate whether the item was a Purchase or Redemption. Purchases need to be before the Redemption item for each card. 
Description- This is the Item Description. You can locate our Item Descriptions within each Frequent Buyer program. When clicking on a Frequent Buyer program, under Program Details, is an option at the bottom to export a product list. You can use these when entering in the item descriptions. 
Quantity- The redemption quantity should always be "1" on the file.

If you have any questions about the formatting on your reports, please contact posreports@astroloyalty.com for assistance. Attached to the bottom of the article is a file template example you can use as reference. 

Checking Reports:

There are two main reports that you'll most likely reference often in your Astro account; Pos Report Dashboard and Distributor Free Goods Credit Status reports. Both of these reports can be located under your Reports menu. 

POS Report Dashboard:

This report will show you the status of your report as its being processed by our team. 
New - The file has been loaded into your Astro account
Pending - Our team has begun processing your report
Denied - There was an issue with a redemptions and it was not able to be submitted to your distributor. 
Staged - Final check of your report by our team before submitting to your distributor. 
Processed - Our team has finished processing on our end and the redemption information has been submitted to your distributors. 

This article goes over this report with more information: INSERT ARTICLE LINK

Distributor Free Goods Credit Status:

This report will show you the status of your credits once the redemptions information has been submitted to your distributors. Uncredited means that the redemptions are awaiting or currently being processed by your distributors. Once they marked them as fulfilled on their end, the redemptions will move to the Credited section and should be expecting your credit memo/invoice from them. 
Here is more information on this report as well: Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report | Standard Issue

Astro Offers:

As a POS Report account, you can still participate in Astro Offers as well! There is an Offer Upload feature that we can enable on your account in order to submit Offer redemptions. This option will allow you to upload the redemptions into Astro.  This process is different from your Frequent Buyer reports that you submit. 
For more information about the Offer Upload feature, check out this article: Astro Offers | POS Report Upload

Common POS Report Issues:

Insufficient Purchase Amount: The customer’s frequent buyer card did not meet the manufacturer’s minimum purchase requirement before you gave the free good. Formatting issues in your report can also cause this issue. Please make sure your report format is consistent and void of inaccuracies.

Redeemed item ineligible for redemption: The customer received a free good unavailable in the frequent buyer program. When this happens, we recommend that you reach out to your brand representative.

Redeemed item is larger than the smallest purchased item: The customer redeemed a 28lb bag of dog food, but their frequent buyer card includes a 4lb item. Only a 4lb bag is eligible for redemption in this instance. Most frequent buyer programs on Astro demand that the free good is the same or smaller in size than the smallest purchased item, so please keep separate cards for different sizes.

Ineligible program: You have submitted a frequent buyer report but have not enrolled your account in the relevant frequent buyer program. Please ensure you have enrolled in the frequent buyer programs for the brands that appear in your report before submitting it to posreports@astroloyalty.com.

The report format is incorrect: Astro’s report upload system only works if the files you submit are consistent. Even small changes, like adding a row at the top or removing a column, will stop the file from uploading into Astro.

Mixing brands: Please note that none of our partnered manufacturers permit mixing your frequent buyer programs. Taste of the Wild purchases, for example, cannot qualify for a Blue Buffalo redemption.


How long does it take for Astro to process my report?

We try to send your frequent buyer info to your chosen distributors within a week of receiving it. However, this time frame shifts according to frequent buyer submission volume from all Astro POS reporting retailers. For example, we usually see an uptick of frequent buyer submissions around Black Friday, so the time frame at the end of November can shift to two weeks.


When will I receive credit?

Once we have sent your frequent buyer information to distribution, it is up to them to issue credit. You can keep an eye on the status of your free goods on your Astro account under the Distributor Free Goods Credit Status Report | Standard Issue under the Reports tab. You should reach out to your distributor representative if you have not received credit in over a month.

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