Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers

Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers

Only accessible by Admin Astro Users

Already Enrolled in Frequent Buyers:

1. Go to the Frequent Buyer section. 

2. Select the Frequent Buyer Shelf Talker option.

3. Select the Brand(s). 

4. It will open a separate window where you can print your shelf talker.  

Shelf Talkers When Enrolling:

Only Admin Users can enroll in programs.  

1. Enroll in a Frequent Buyer program. Here is an article if you need it: How to Enroll in Frequent Buyer Programs on Astro

2. After enrolling and selecting the distributor for the program, there will be a pop-up if there is a shelf talker available. 

3. It will open a separate window where you can print your shelf talker.  

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