Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers

Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers

Only accessible by Admin Astro Users

1. Go to the Frequent Buyer section. 

2. Select the Frequent Buyer Shelf Talker option.

3. Select the Brand(s). 

4. It will open a separate window where you can print your shelf talker.  

Shelf Talkers When Enrolling:

Only Admin Users can enroll in programs. Sub-location accounts can access the shelf talkers by enrolling in the frequent buyer program. 

1. Enroll in a Frequent Buyer program. Here is an article if you need it: How to Enroll in Frequent Buyer Programs on Astro

2. After enrolling and selecting the distributor for the program, there will be a pop-up if there is a shelf talker available. 

3. It will open a separate window where you can print your shelf talker.  

If you are a sub-location and already enrolled in the Frequent Buyer program. You can unenroll from the program by going to Frequent Buyer > Enrolled and selecting the program. After un-enrolling, go to the Frequent Buyer> Available Astro Frequent Buyer list to re-enroll in the program to trigger to shelf talker pop-up. 

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