MFG Retail Vouchers | Enrolling in a Voucher

MFG Retail Vouchers | Enrolling in a Voucher

When a Brand chooses to reward your store or staff with Vouchers their Voucher Program is then linked to your Astro Account. 
1. Start by logging into your Astro Account as an Admin User.  Now go to your Offers menu and select MFG Retail Vouchers.

2. Now you will see the Voucher Programs that your Manufacturer Brand Partners have chosen to share with you. Click on the name of the Voucher

3. Click on the Enroll button. 

4. Select your distributor and enter in the account number if required by your distributor. Then select I agree. 

Just because you see a Voucher Program listed here does not mean that it currently contains redeemable Vouchers for you. The Brands using these programs still need to issue their Vouchers via these programsPlease contact your brand rep if you do not have any vouchers listed. 

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