How to Generate and Send POS Reports | DARTS | Fulfillment Report Accounts

How to Generate and Send POS Reports | DARTS | Fulfillment Report Accounts

Automatic Processing - Frequent Buyer

The process of generating your POS report starts with this screen IF You selected the check box for run automatically at end of day (Bottom Right). When Clicking Run Report, a Pop Up will ask if "This was the last Z Report for the Day?".  If YES is Selected, the Astro report will be generated and emailed automatically along with your other end of day routines.

Manual Processing - Frequent Buyer

1. If you did not check Automatic Processing on the previous screen, you will need to need to run the Report Manually via the POS, master reports (shown below)

2. Then, Navigate from [POS/Invoice Processing] > [Master Reports] > [Buy X Get Y Used <Excel, Astro].  This will generate a record in the c:\TEMP directory called xxxxBUYXmmmmmm.txt the xxxx is Your Astro Account Number.  This record will need to be emailed to the email.

We recommend the automated method as it requires no work on the store owners part once set up properly.
We also recommend you connect with Comp-Ware tech support prior to sending the first automated transmission so we can verify all looks correct.

Manual Processing - Offers 

1. Navigate to [Business Management] > [Master Reports I] > [Astro Coupon Report]

2.   After you run the option on previous screen, the process will fill in the report name and the version.

3. Select the the coupon code and click CREATE FILE which will generate a file in c:\temp on your main computer which can then be uploaded using the Astro Offers | POS Report Upload feature in your portal.

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