Customizable Media Kit | Canva Templates for Astro Loyalty | Astro Retailers

Customizable Media Kit | Canva Templates for Astro Loyalty | Astro Retailers

This page is under construction. The plan is to fill it with customizable assets that you can use to promote both your business and the Frequent Buyer, Astro Offers, and Sharing The Love programs you are participating in. So far, I have linked the templates that I have created thus far. I will add an explanation and preview of each one (for now, if you click the link, it will take you to a preview within Canva). Several of the templates linked below are still being worked on, but feel free to grab and use them if you like them. I have other materials that I am currently working on, which I want to finish before I unveil everything. The plan is to add the following materials along with info on how to get them printed: Cashier Buttons, Window Clings, Postcards, Banners, Posters, Customizable Shelf Talkers for Astro Offers, and Social Media Templates for Sharing The Love. If you have a request for a certain type of asset, please submit them to attn: Kat.

The links below will take you to Canva templates which you can customize within your Canva account (you can start a free account). You can also use Canva to order prints. And if customization isn't your jam, you don't have to customize these; you can use them exactly as they are.

There are several printing options available to you. Of course, we recommend finding a local print shop in your community if possible. But if that isn't an option, you visit your local UPS Store or order prints online from a company like VistaPrint and have them delivered.

We also have a downloadable Media Kit that contains flyers, posters, shelf danglers, and counter mats - which can be found here Frequent Buyer Shelf Talkers | Retailer Media Kit. These images contain the QR code that will take your customers to their version (Apple or Android) of the Astro Mobile App. These images are not editable.

Astro Loyalty / Frequent Buyer

  1. Ask Me About Astro Loyalty
  2. Astro Loyalty Cashier Buttons 3" x 3" (or Stickers)
  3. Astro Mobile App Window Cling 5" x 5" (You will need to download it as a PNG and order from Vista Print or somewhere similar - if you want the background to be clear, check the box for "Transparent Background" before downloading.)
  4. Astro Mobile App Table Tents / Postcards 5" x 7" with App Store QR code
  5. Astro Mobile App Posters 25 x 36" with App Store QR Code
Mobile App Table Tent 5x7" Front/Back with QR Code

Astro Offers

  1. Customizable Shelf Talkers - Or you can use the Astro-generated shelf talkers explained here Shelf Talkers | Astro Offers
  2. Astro Offer Cashier Buttons 3"x3" (or Stickers) - These can be resized to a 2.5" button or less. Most companies offer 1" / 2" / 2.5" / 3" diameter buttons.
Astro Offer Cashier Button 2" x 2"

Sharing The Love

  1. New Dog/Puppy & New Cat/Kitten Checklist
  2. Adopt a Shelter Pet - Instagram
  3. Adoption Event & Adoption Materials - Campaigns
  4. Adopt Posts - Facebook
  5. STL Window Clings - 5" x 5"
  6. Sharing The Love Buttons 
  7. Sharing The Love Table Tents & Postcard 5x7 (multiple pages/options)
  8. Sharing The Love Poster 25x36 (multiple pages/options)
STL Table Tent 5x7 Front/Back with QR Code

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