Customer Returns | Actions Menu

Customer Returns | Actions Menu

The Astro return portal is for participating brands and distributors.  You can check participating brands and distributors via the drop-down menus in the portal or by clicking this link: Participating Brands & DistributorsIf you do not see your brand or distributor, please reach out to them directly for their return policy. 

Vendors participating in the return portal require that you keep the Product UPC for up to one year from submission. 
The proof of purchase will be used if the vendor audits your return request. Your request for return credits will be submitted to the selected distributor and you can check the status under your Astro Reports menu. 
Your submission for consumer return credit is a submission for credit and is not guaranteed.
Ultimately, the distributor and brand will decided whether a credit will be issued. If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch with the brand or distirbutor. 

How to Submit a Customer Return:

1. Go to the Actions menu. 

2. Select Customer Returns. 

3. Look up the customer. 

The Manufacturer may require the customer's email, phone number, and/or that the item must be in Astro.

4. Scan or Type in the Item UPC

5. Select the Reason for the Return; Customer/Pet Experience, Product, or Packaging. Each will have a drop down menu to choose from.
Enter in the Lot Code from the item and the Best By Date. These fields are required. 

Reason For Return Options:
  1. Customer/ Pet Experience: Pet Refused to Eat, Pet Got Sick, Pet Had Allergic Reaction, or Cusstomer Purchased Wrong Product
  2. Product: Has Foreign Objects, Wrong Texture, Too Hard/Soft, Smells Off, or Product Recall
  3. Packaging: Broken/Opened Seal, Ripped or Torn, or was Damaged In Some Other Way
  4. Other: You can enter in any other reason for the return that is not covered under the other options. 

6. The customer must have purchased the item being returned within one year of the return date. Check the box if the purchase occurred within one year. 

7. If you are enrolled in the program, the Distributor selected on the program will automatically be selected on the Form. You can use the drop down menu to change distributors if needed for the Return. 

8. Please read the Terms & Conditions and select I agree in order to submit the return. 

9. You will see a "Success" message and be returned the the Customer Returns submission page. 

Manual Options:

You can enter in a Customer and the Item on the Return form manually as well.

Manual Customer Entry:

When looking up a customer, if they are not in Astro you can add them by selecting Manually Enter Customer. 

You can enter in the customer's First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address. 
First and Last Name Required

Manually Enter Item Information:

To add a manual item, select "Manually Enter Item Info" 

Select the Brand, enter in the Item Description and UPC. 


What brands can I submit returns for?

You can view the brands that are participating at the top of the Returns screen.  There is a Participating Vendors button. 

If an item is scanned and the brand isn't participating you will see a popup and you will not be able to submit that item.

Item Not Found Error

If you enter or scan in a UPC, you may receive an Item Not Found Error. This means Astro was not able to locate that UPC in the frequent buyer programs. If you mis-entered in the UPC you can select Re-enter. If you want to proceed with that UPC, you can select to Manually Enter Item Information. 

How Do I Check on the Status of the Credit?

On your Reports menu, you can select Distributor Customer Returns Credit Status option. 

This article will have more information about this report: Distributor Customer Returns Credit Status | Reports

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