Customer Information Settings | Marketing Suite

Customer Information Settings | Marketing Suite

Customer Check Out and New Customer Information Settings:

1. Select Marketing on your account. 

2. Click Settings in the Marketing Suite.

3. Choose 'Customer Check Out and New Customer Information Settings'

New Pet Owner Information Fields

When a New Customer is added to Astro there are only two fields that the cashier is required to fill in, First Name and Last Name. The Email AddressPhone Number, and Pet Information fields are all optional. If you would like to make any of these fields a requirement going forward then you can designate them as such here. 

Options for Pet Owner Information Field Settings

  1. Required - Users will not be able to save a New Petowner account unless they fill in the required field.
  2. Recommended - Users will be reminded to add information upon attempting to save a New Petowner account. They have the option to select "yes" and add the missing info, or "no" and proceed to the checkout screen without the info added.
  3. Not Recommend or Required - The user will be neither forced or reminded to add the customer's info for that field. 
These settings will only affect future accounts created under Add Customer. These Required, Recommended, Not Recommended or Required settings are not permanent and can be changed later if the need arises. 

Automated Welcome Email and Welcome Text Settings

At the bottom of the Pet Information Field Settings are two check boxes, one pertains to the Welcome Text the other to the Welcome Email
You do not have to make an Email Address or a Mobile Phone Number a Requirement in order to enable these settings. All these setting do is control how the Welcomes are sent to your customer as they are being added to Astro.
  1. SMS Consent by Default (will send Welcome Text automatically)
This setting will automatically send the Welcome Text to a New Astro Petowner as long as a mobile phone number is entered in the Pet Owner Mobile Phone field on their account. Without this setting enabled, the Cashier would have to check a box before saving a New Astro Petowner in order to send the text. If the customer does not want a text the Cashier can uncheck the box beside Customer Consents to SMS before saving their account. 
In order for a customer to be added to your SMS Text Communication List they must be first sent a Welcome Text. If a customer was never sent a Welcome Text then they cannot be sent an SMS Text Campaign. How to send the Welcome Text to existing customers who already have Pet Owner accounts
  1. Send Welcome Email by Default
This setting will automatically send the Welcome Email every time a New Astro Petowner account is created and an email address is added to the Pet Owner Email field. If the Cashier wants to Preview the email before it is sent they can do so by clicking Preview Welcome Email. If the customer does not want the Welcome Email the cashier can uncheck the box before saving their account.
Unlike the Welcome Text, a Welcome Email is not required to be sent in order to add the customer to your Mailing List, but it is very useful to the customer because it contains links to download the Free Mobile App and a link to verify their email address.

Cashier Reminder for Existing Pet Owners

These reminders are great if you would like to politely remind your staff to collect contact information that may be missing from a customer's account while they are checking them out. The pop-up does not force your cashier to collect this missing information, they are able to choose "Not Now" if the customer does not want to give the cashier this information. 

If the customer decides to give the cashier the missing information the cashier can click the Edit Petowner button to open up the Pet Owner Information pop-up. Here they can add any information that is missing, Send an Email Confirmation if their email address is Unverified, or Send an SMS Opt In Text if they have not yet Opted In to receiving text messages.

Custom Pet Owner Tags

Here you can add additional identifying tags that you can use later when generating Marketing Lists. These lists can be used to create targeted email Campaigns to these customers. These tags can be added to a customer's account either while creating their account with Add Customer or while Checking Out a customer by clicking on the Pet Owner Tag Icon

Clicking on the Icon will bring up a pop-up where a tag or tags can be selected.

The color of the Pet Owner Tag Icon will give you a clue as to whether or not the customer has a tag assigned or not. If the Icon is brown then there are no tags assigned to the customer. Once a tag is assigned it will turn from brown to green

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