Register/Convert Customer as a Breeder

Register/Convert Customer as a Breeder

How does a customer apply for and acquire a Breeder ID Number?

This can vary according to the manufacturer program in question. Most manufacturers will have forms on their website that a customer can fill out to apply for a breeder number. If a breeder is approved by the manufacturer a unique number will be assigned and sent to them either via mail or email. Your customer should be able to show you an official document or email with this number when they sign up for the program at your store. Here are some links to the forms your customer will need to fill out for each manufacturer. 

How do I know if my customer's breeder number is valid?
Customers should be able to present you with an official digital or paper document from the manufacturer. It is up to you to verify whether or not this number is valid if you are uncertain. The best way to do this is by contacting the manufacturer or your manufacturer rep directly. 

How do I register a New Customer as a Breeder?

Make sure your customer presents you with official documentation from the manufacturer containing their breeder number. If the breeder number is invalid then your credit will be denied. Your manufacturer rep may be able to check on the validity of a breeder ID number if you are uncertain. 

Step One:
Select Add Customer.

Step Two:
Click Add New Breeder Account.

Step Three:
Enter your new customer's name and contact information in the fields provided. First and Last Name are required. Email and Phone Number are not required but they are encouraged - particularly email since it will allow your customer to use the Mobile App and receive Emails from you. Click Save Breeder to continue. 

Step Four:
Finish filling in the rest of the provided fields.

Mailing Address is not required, but if you know they are participating in a program that requires it upon redemption (such as Champion) you can choose to add it now. Otherwise, you can edit their account and add it later, or add it upon redemption. 

Manufacturer and Breeder Identification Number are required so they can participate in a specific manufacturer's breeder program. They should have a manufacturer assigned breeder ID number for each manufacturer's breeder program. Choose the manufacturer whose program they wish to participate in from the drop-down menu, and enter their official breeder ID number in the field provided. 

Once all their info has been recorded select Finished and you will be redirected to their Checkout screen where you can ring up their qualifying purchases. 

While adding them as a New Breeder you can only initially register them for one manufacturer's breeder program. If they are participating in more than one manufacturer breeder program you can edit their account info once you are redirected to their Checkout screen. Review the walkthrough for converting a PetOwner to a Breeder if you are unsure of how to do this.

How to Convert an Existing Customer's Account from a Pet-Owner to a Breeder?

Step One:

Lookup customer in Checkout

Step Two:
Click on the customer's email address located below their name. If there is no email address saved for that customer it will say No Email on File, click on that link. This will open up a pop-up that will allow you to edit the customer's contact info and alter their status as either a Pet Owner or a Breeder.

Step Three:
Below the Pet Owner Information and the red Save buttons there is a grey button that says Convert to Breeder Account. Click on that button. 

Step Four:
Now you need to register the customer for the specific breeder program or programs they wish to participate in. Click Add New Breeder ID.

Step Five:
Choose the manufacturer from the drop-down menu (if you do not see the manufacturer listed please contact and enter the breeder's assigned ID number in the field provided. 
We strongly recommend that you request that your customer present you with an official document containing this number before registering them for a restricted breeder program. If their breeder number ends up being invalid your credit will be denied. Your manufacturer rep may be able to check on the validity of a breeder ID number if you are uncertain.

Step Six:
Select Save Breeder Information, the pop-up will now say Information UpdatedClick the X button in the upper right-hand corner of the customer edit pop-up to return to your customer's checkout screen. The customer will now be labeled as a Breeder above their name instead of a Pet Owner.

How Do I Convert a Breeder Account Back to Pet-Owner Account if Breeder Number is Denied?

Click on their email address or No Email on File to open up the customer edit pop-up. Click on the button to Convert to Pet-Owner Account. Click Save Pet-Owner Account. If they have an unredeemed breeder card you will need to drag & drop those transactions onto a standard frequent buyer card. 

Moving a Customer's Prior Frequent Buyer Program Transactions to a Breeder Frequent Buyer Program

Confirm with your manufacturer rep or with the manufacturer directly that they will honor prior purchases on a new breeder program card. Some manufacturers may deny credit on a redemption if they see transactions made prior to the issuance of the customer's breeder number. Others may permit some prior transactions within a certain time range. Make sure you have something in writing stating that you were given permission to do this. We cannot say one way or another whether or not a manufacturer will permit this since it is a case by case basis.
Step One:
Once you are confident that the manufacturer will allow prior purchases on a customer's new breeder card you can look up the customer's account in Checkout. If you have not converted them to a Breeder yet do so now (see above). Now scan the qualifying item they are purchasing. Since they are a Breeder now, Astro will place this purchase onto the Breeder Frequent Buyer Program. 

This is easiest to accomplish if the customer is present in your store and purchasing an item that qualifies for the breeder program, but it can also be done if they are absent. To create the Breeder Card use the drop-down filter menus to add an item to their account in checkout. This item will be placed under Today's Purchases and will need to be Removed once you have moved the other purchases to the card it created.

Step Two:
Using the Drag & Drop method you can now move the green checkmarks from the Standard Frequent Buyer Program to the Breeder Frequent Buyer Program. If the item on the standard card also qualifies for the breeder program you will be able to move it without any trouble. If the item does not qualify for the breeder program it can remain on the standard card. From this point forward all qualifying breeder items purchased by this customer will populate on the breeder card and all non-qualifying breeder items purchased will populate on the standard cards. 

If you are having trouble moving a green checkmark there is a good chance it does not qualify for the Breeder program. Make note of the size and formula of the item and review the rules of that manufacturer's Breeder Program. Some manufacturers only allow certain sizes and formulas to be added to their breeder programs. Do the words Retired or Discontinued appear in the item description? If the SKU is very old it may not be permitted in a current breeder program. If you are unsure reach out to your manufacturer rep. If you are confident the item qualifies, contact, make sure to mention the customer's name and the SKU in question so we know where to look. 

What if a customer no longer wants to participate in a specific breeder program, or should no longer be registered as a breeder?

If a customer no longer wants to participate in one of the breeder programs that they are registered for you can remove that registration by editing their account under checkout. Once inside the customer account edit pop-up click on the delete icon next to the appropriate manufacturer and breeder number located below Breeder ID. Click Save Breeder Information then click to return to their Checkout screen. If they had an incomplete breeder program card for the manufacturer you just removed it will be frozen. The purchases can be dragged and dropped from the breeder card to the standard card once a standard card is created during checkout. If the customer is registered for any other manufacturer breeder programs they will still be active.

If you wish to convert the customer's status entirely because they will no longer be participating in any breeder programs you can do so by editing their account while under checkout. Once inside their account edit pop-up click the grey button which states Convert to Pet Owner Account. This will freeze all of their open breeder cards under their checkout screen and those purchases will need to be drag and dropped to a standard frequent buyer card once it is created during checkout.

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