Custom Programs | Prepaid Cards

Custom Programs | Prepaid Cards

Now you can have a Prepaid Reward Custom Program on Astro!
For more information about Custom Programs please check out: custom program

Setting Up Your Prepaid Rewards Program

Here is what Astro Support will need to know in order to build this style of program for you. 
  1. What would you like for the Program's Title and Description?
    1. This is what your customer will see on their card if they are using the Free Mobile App. This is also what your cashiers will see written on the card under Checkout. You want to make sure the program is properly explained while also keeping it fun for the customer. You can edit your program's Title and Description whenever you like if you decide you wish to change it.
  2. How many punches are the customers prepaying for? 
  3. Optional - Do you have a 400x400 pixel image that you would like us to add to your program?
    1. This is the image that your customers will see on your My Astro Webpage. You are also able to Edit the program and attach new images whenever you like. 

How to Use a Prepaid Rewards Program in Checkout

On the drop down menus:

  1. Select the store's name on the first option
  2. Select the Prepaid program on the second option
  3. Then there will be 2 options on the third menu, these items will depend on information provided during setup. In this example: to start a prepaid card, we selected the Doggie Day Camp Pass

Now there should be a new card with no punches on it. This means that the customer purchased the prepaid card, but has not utilized the service yet and proceed by clicking "Checkout". 

Then select "Finished" to complete the transaction.

Once the customer has used the service that they prepaid for, you can mark the card using the drop down menu or by clicking on the punches and proceed by clicking "Checkout". 

You can mark the card by selecting the option on the third menu or by clicking on on the punch. If you click on the punch, a pop-up will appear. Select "Add Item"

When the customer has used up/completed their prepaid card, you can then redeem the card. It will state under Unredeemed Rewards that they can redeem the card. Select Checkout to continue. 

You should now have a Reward Redemption pop-up. Check the box for the reward and select "Redeemed Selected Items" button. 

It will show on the next page that the item was redeemed and you can finish the transaction. 

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