Create Exclusive Rewards for your Customers by Pairing My Promotions with Segmented Recipient Lists

Create Exclusive Rewards for your Customers by Pairing My Promotions with Segmented Recipient Lists

Your My Promotions will always appear at the very top of the Offers page on your My Astro Landing Page, before any of your enrolled Astro Offers. Why not leverage this to your advantage? One effective strategy is to use these Promotions to highlight the key actions you want your customers to take - these are your "asks." By demonstrating that you actively reward these actions, you can incentivize your customers to take action!

Think about all the "asks" that you want your customers to do in order to become more engaged with your business. 
  1. Download your Astro Mobile App
  2. Add their Pets' Info to their Pet Owner Account (either in-store or via the Astro App)
  3. Visit your store at least once every month for the past 12-months
  4. Sign up for SMS Text Alerts
The Astro Marketing Suite allows you to create Recipient Lists based off this segmentation and more. 

Now think about all the ways in which you could reward your customers who took an extra step to be more engaged with your business. 
  1. At least one bonus promotion every month for Astro App Users (more on this below!)
  2. One free biscuit, chew bar item, or small cat toy for pets with Birthdays This Month
  3. Bonus Points automatically issued during a pet's birthday month
  4. Double Point Tuesdays for VIP customers (visit store at least once a month for the past 12-months, or those Tagged as VIPs via Advanced Points)
  5. Unlock exclusive Reward options when they reach a certain lifetime points threshold
With the Marketing Suite, you can create exclusive My Promotions and Advanced Points Events and Rewards by pairing them with a segmented Recipient List. In this article we will focus on pairing Recipient List with My Promotions. 

IMPORTANT: All My Promotions are visible on your My Astro Landing Page whether they are made available to all of your customers, or made exclusive to some using a List. Therefore, it is important to include an explanation of the requirement that needs to be fulfilled in the description of the Promotion. 

TIP: When building a My Promotion we recommend opening up your store's My Astro Landing Page in another tab so you can preview how your Promotion will look to your customers on your flyer page. The flyer page will only display Active Promotions (i.e. today's date is within the date range of the Promotion.)

Now, let's go over some of the most popular Exclusive My Promotion Designs.

Exclusive Monthly My Promotion for your Astro App Customers

This is the most popular design since it directly encourages your customers to download your Astro App. Having your App at their disposal will make them more aware of your Astro Offers, their Frequent Buyer Cards, any exclusive My Coupons they've been rewarded, and now they can even add their pets' info!

Always make a NEW My Promotion for each promo period, rather than continually editing a single Promotion. Continually editing and reusing a single My Promotion may cause redemption issues for your cashiers. 

Promotion Title & Sub-Title

Start by giving the Promotion a special Title that sets it apart from the rest of your Promotions and Offers. The title should highlight its exclusivity rather than simply explaining what the promotion is rewarding. In this case we want to highlight that this My Promotion is only for our Astro App Users. 

There's a trick if you also want to include a Sub-Title within the Title that mentions the reward being granted.

TIP: Anything that you write after a long line ( | ) will appear below the Primary Title as a Sub-Title. The trick is to make sure that everything that you write before the | is within 29 characters (including spaces and the | ). To keep it simple, you could use the same beginning portion each month, which would also make these monthly promotions more recognizable to your customers. ("JUNE App-clusive Pet Perks! |" also works within the character limits.)

In the example below, I titled the Promotion "MAY App-clusive Pet Perk | 1 Free Bully Stick" - which will create a sub-title of "1 Free Bully Stick" below the primary title on my store's My Astro Landing Page.

Here's how it looks on my store's My Astro Landing Page. Notice the sub-title below the main title that was generated by including a | in the Promotion Title. 

Promotion Description

The Promotion Description should contain a basic formula of information. That way, when someone clicks "More Info" on your My Astro Landing Page, they can read the full Description, which also explains how they can go about qualifying for this exclusive reward. 

Description Formula: 
  1. Attention-grabbing question or statement. (Optional)
  2. Describe the reward in detail.
  3. Include any redemption rules. (For instance, if you are limiting them to X-redemptions rather than leaving it Unlimited). *Highlight those with some asterisks to call attention to it.*
  4. Leave some space to create separation between the reward description and the "ask."
  5. Add your "ask" - explain what the customer needs to do in order to qualify for the special promotion.

Here is my full Promotion Description for this example based on the formula:
Does your pup need something to do while you binge-watch Netflix? We have the perfect solution! Visit our store any day this month and receive ONE FREE 6-inch BullyStick with your next in-store purchase. *Redeemable one time per person.* 

This promotion is exclusive to our Mobile App Users. Download our FREE APP today to unlock exclusive monthly promotions like this one! Links to download our App are located at the top right of this flyer page. Available on IOS or Android devices. An email address is required to log in; make sure your email address is associated with your pet owner account on your next visit to our store.

And here is how the My Promotion looks to customer who clicks "More Info" on the My Astro Landing Page. 

Start Date & End Date

We found it's best to run these types of My Promotions once a month, and too keep things interesting- to run a different Promotion each month.

Remember, never ever Edit an Expired My Promotion to try and make it current. Always make a fresh NEW Promotion each time otherwise you will create redemption issues for your customers. If your old My Promotions start piling up, you can always delete them.

Restrict Availability to Marketing List

Here's where the magic happens. Using the Marketing Suite you can create all kinds of specifically segmented Recipient Lists, such as one that contains all of your Mobile App Customers, and any of those Lists can be added to a My Promotion in order to restrict that Promotion to only those customers. 

Make sure that you REFRESH your Recipient List at least once per month to make sure it is up to date. If you are using My Promotions to encourage your customers to perform an "ask" such as download your App, we recommend refreshing the list every morning. If a customer comes in and tries to redeem a Restricted My Promotion (i.e. they claim they download the App) you can quickly Refresh the List to bring it up to date. 

Max Redemptions Per Customer

If you want to limit your customers to a certain number of redemptions during the time period mentioned in the Start Date and End Date fields, then you can use this field to apply that restriction. 

Remember, never ever Edit an Expired My Promotion to try and make it current. Always make a fresh NEW Promotion each time otherwise you will create redemption issues for your customers. If your old My Promotions start piling up, you can always delete them.

Choose or Upload an Image

The image you choose to add to a My Promotion can make or break it. You always want to use the image to explain what it is the customer is getting. Use an eye catching image and add some text. If the My Promotion is exclusive to your App customers, consider adding a graphic that depicts that - and use that same graphic in all of your Astro App Exclusive My Promotions to create cohesion. 


And finally, this is how the My Promotion will appear to your Cashier during Checkout. The full Title and Description will be noted. For more info on how to redeem a My Promotion for a customer, visit My Promotions | How to Redeem a Promotion | Marketing Suite

Happy Birth/Gotchya Day My Promotion

This is another very popular exclusive My Promotion since it is also very effective for getting your customers to download and USE the Astro App since they need to use the App in order to add their pet's info to it

In this instance you will follow the same formula used above, the only difference being that you will attach a Recipient List containing Pet Birthdays This Month. Make sure to REFRESH this List at the start of a new month. 

Make a new My Promotion each month, do not edit last month's. 

Birth/Gotcha Promotion Title

If you want to add a Sub-Title to your title, make sure that you use no more than 29 characters in the first part of your title (before the | ) and then type what they are getting after the | . 

Paw-ty Goods for Fur Buds! | 10% OFF All B-Day Goodies

Birth/Gotchya Promo Description

Make sure you mention your Astro Mobile App!

Here's an example:
Enjoy a 10% discount on all birthday-related products. From pet cakes, toys, treats, to decorations, we've got everything you need to make your pet's birthday celebration unforgettable.

Download our free mobile app and add your pet's info so they'll earn a special gift on their birth/gotchya month. Links to download our App are located at the top right of this flyer page. 

Here's how it would look to your customers when they click "More Info" on the Promotion on your Landing Page:

Additional Tips

When sharing your My Promotion on your Social Media or via an Astro Email Marketing Campaign, you can include:
  1. Direct links to your Astro App to help your customers find it even faster.
  2. Share the Youtube videos that we've created showing your customers the added benefits of using your Astro App - after all, it's not just about the bonus rewards each month! 
  3. Remind your 'Sharing The Love' Adoption Rewards recipients that soon after they've redeemed their Adoption Bundle at your store, they will start receiving exclusive Bounce Back Coupons via the Astro App, which they can view under the Coupons section of their App. They only have 30-days in which to redeem these coupons, otherwise they expire forever.
  4. Send your exclusive My Promotions to the customers you are rewarding via My Promotions Quick Campaigns

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