DARTS Overview | Fulfillment Report Accounts

DARTS Overview | Fulfillment Report Accounts

This Master article provides links and information on using Astro and DARTS; from initiating and beginning with Astro, all the way through program setup, to sending your DARTS POS report to Astro for redemptions and crediting.  

If you do not currently have an Active Astro Account, you will need to go to www.astroloyalty.com and sign up for the Free Trial .

1. Activate Astro Account:

Once you have an activated Astro account, these Astro Training Videos will provide instruction and information on the basic of Astro:
- Setting Up your Account
- Adding Users
- Enrolling in Programs
- Adding and Checking Out Customers

2. Enabling Darts:

Once you have enrolled in all of your Frequent Buyer and Offer programs in Astro, you will need to "Enable DARTS" by following the steps in this link:

3. Frequent Buyer & Offer Setup:

Once DARTS is enabled, here are the steps to setup your Frequent Buyer and Offers in DARTS:

4. Sending POS File to Astro:

Once you are up and running with Astro and DARTS, the final action which will need to occur at least once a month, is sending your DARTS POS reports to the Astro POS inbox using the automated Export feature within DARTS (see link below)

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach us at support@astroloyalty.com.

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