Checkout & Redeeming LOYALTY POINTS | eTail Pet SELLIT! PLUS POS

Checkout & Redeeming LOYALTY POINTS | eTail Pet SELLIT! PLUS POS

1. If you do not have Loyalty Points on your Astro account, please contact for more information about this service. 
If you do have Loyalty Points enabled, make sure your Events and Rewards are setup on Astro. Here are articles with more information: Loyalty Points | Design Ideas & Best Practices and Loyalty Points - How to Setup Programs & Checkout Customers

2. Go to New Sale in eTail Pet. 

2. Enter the Customer's Name or Phone Number. 

3. In this example we will be redeeming a 50% Off reward, so we will need to add an item to the sale to discount. 

4. Select Loyalty Rewards and Points Rewards. 

5. If the customer has earned enough Loyalty Points for a reward, you will have the option to Redeem Now.

6. You will see the discount applied to the item and then select Payment. 

7. Enter in the payment method and amount. Then Finish Sale. 

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