Checkout & Redeeming Frequent Buyers | eTail Pet SELLIT! PLUS POS

Checkout & Redeeming Frequent Buyers | eTail Pet SELLIT! PLUS POS

How to Checkout:

1. Go to New Sale. 

2. Enter the Customer's Name or Phone Number. 

3a. If the customer is NOT already connected to an Astro account, click the "Search Customer With Astro" option. If the customer is already connect, skip to step 3b. 
If the customer was imported into SELLIT! PLUS without an email address, a temporary place holder email will be entered in. Edit the account and enter the customer's real email address. 

You should see a blue message pop-up in the corner if it was not able to locate this customer based on their email or phone number in Astro. 

You can then click on the "Connect With Astro." You should then see a green box in the top right corner say "User connected with Astro" This will create a new Astro account for this customer. 

3b. If the customer is already connected, enter in the item(s) they are purchasing. 

4. Select Payment. 

5. Enter in the payment method and amount. Then Finish Sale. 

How to Redeem Frequent Buyer:

The free item will need to be entered in a separate transaction. 

1. If the customer is due a free bag, go to New Sale.

2. Enter the Customer's Name or Phone Number. 

3. Enter in the item(s). 

4. Select Loyalty Rewards and choose Available FBC. 

5. This window will show you the customer's progress on their frequent buyer card. Select Redeem Now. 

6. If the redemption was successful, you should get a green notification in the top right corner and the item with have a discount applied. If the redemption was unsuccessful, make sure the customer is purchasing an item that they qualify for per the program's rules. 
Depending on the program, the customer's email or home address may be required in order to redeem their free item. 
(The customer's may still need to pay taxes on their free item, please consult your state laws for more information)

7. Select Payment. 

8. Enter in the payment method and Finish Sale. 

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