Checkout Frequent Buyers | Lightspeed X Series POS via Chrome Extension Only | Partial Integration

Checkout Frequent Buyers | Lightspeed X Series POS via Chrome Extension Only | Partial Integration

How to Checkout for Frequent Buyer Program:

1. You can start your Lightspeed X Series sale as you would normally by adding your customer's name to the sale. 

2. If you are not already logged into Astro, you can log in via the link. 

3. The integration will attempt to find the customer on your Astro account just in case they were added previously if an account for them already exists, or a family member's account is already in place. It should bring up some Astro information. If the customer is already linked, you can skip to step 4. 

      3a. If the customer doesn't have their Lightspeed X Series Customer Account linked to an Astro Pet Owner Account the integration will tell you and prompt you to add them to your Astro account. 

      3b. If there is no existing account you can click the link where it says "Create New Astro Account".

The integration will populate the customer's name and contact info that you had collected for them in Lightspeed X onto the fields in Astro. Any pieces of information that are missing can either be added now or you can edit the account later and add any missing info. 
In the example below the integration added the customer's First and Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number to Astro for me. Now I can choose to collect their Mailing Address now or skip it and add it later. 

      3c. If they have an Astro account, but not linked to their Lightspeed X Series customer account then you can choose Select. 

4. Add their purchases to the sale. 

5. Once you have finished ringing up the customer's purchases you can click the light blue button that says "Commit to Astro". This will open up another tab on your browser for Astro and you will find yourself on that customer's Pet Owner account on the first page of an Astro Checkout Screen.

6. You should now see their Astro Loyalty account and a punch card if the item they are buying qualifies for a Frequent Buyer. If everything looks correct select Checkout. 

7. To save and close out the Astro part select Finished to go back to Lightspeed X Series.

8. Make sure that it says "No items on current sale" below Current Uncommitted Purchases. Now you can finish the sale as you would normally and collect your customer's payment.

Linked the Wrong Customer to Astro:

If you notice that the customer's Lightspeed X Series account was linked to the wrong Astro Pet Owner account you can click the button that says Incorrect Customer Map to unlink the two accounts. When you add the customer to the Vend sale, the Incorrect Customer Map will be visiable. Then you can go through the mapping process explained previously above in Step 3.