Checkout | How to Add Multiple Quantities

Checkout | How to Add Multiple Quantities

How to Add Multiple Quantities for Items During Checkout

You can now add multiple items for customers without having to scan multiple items or constantly clicking the plus button! Woo! 

1.  Proceed to Checkout and Scan in the Item. You can also type in the UPC or use the Drop Down Menus to select the item. 

2.  If you scanned in the Item, select the Double Plus button. 

If you used the Drop Down Menus, select the Double Plus button next to the menus. 

3. A Pop-up will appear to enter in the quantity amount. 
*Only goes up in increments of 99

4. The quantity entered in will then populate the punches on the card. Select Checkout and Finished to close the transaction

Removing Quantity:

If you added too many items, select the One Minus or Double Minus button next to the item to remove one or all of the items. 

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