Celerant POS | Adding & Checking Out Customers

Celerant POS | Adding & Checking Out Customers

Celerant POS | Checking Out Customers

*Celerant recommends using Google Chrome for their POS. 

How to Add a New Customer:

On your POS screen, you can select "New Customer" button:

This will bring up the New Customer form to fill out, enter in any information you need. Once you have collected the information, select the green "OK" button at the top of the form to Save the customer. Once the customer form as been filled out, you will be taken back to the main screen to continue with the transaction.  For this example we are adding the customer: Sean Demo. 

Once the new customer has been entered in on the POS, it will automatically make an Astro Pet Owner account! 

If you log into Astro and go to the Customers tab at the top of your account, you can then search for the new customer and you will see that an account has been made for them. 

How to Check Out a Current Customer:

If your customers have already been loaded into the POS system, you should be able to pull them up on the Customer tab. Start by typing their last name into the search bar.

You may see a pop-up mentioning needing more criteria to locate the customer. Select "Ok"

If you have more than one customer with the same last name, you should see several customers pop-up. Select the customer you are ringing up. It will highlight them in green.  Then select "Ok" at the top. In this example we are using Cassie Demo. 

You will now see the customer's information under the Customer Info section on the POS. First scan in the item they are purchasing. You will then see the item listed in the item box below. After scanning in their purchase(s), select "Pay"

You should now be on the payment screen. Select the method of payment the customer will be using. Then the total will appear under Amount Tendered. If everything looks correct, select "Finish". 

Now the you can select the type of receipt the customer wants to finish the transaction. Then you will be taken back to the main POS screen. 

And that's it! Celerant's POS integration doesn't require any bouncing back and forth between platforms! 

If the customer wants to split the payment:

First select the payment method and enter in the amount that is being paid and then hit "Pay". 

Now you should see a payment on the right side for the first payment. Select the next payment method. If the customer is paying the remainder of the total with this payment method you can select "Finish" then select the receipt option to finish the transaction. 

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