Celerant POS | Overview and Enabling

Celerant POS | Overview and Enabling

Celerant POS Overview and Enabling

Through Celerant’s point of sale, retailers can access frequent buyer programs; and leverage real-time transaction data to streamline and automate the redemption process with manufacturers. Celerant’s integration automates that process by sending the necessary data from the point of sale to ASTRO, saving the (you) the retailer time and reducing errors by eliminating both manual and double data entry. Celerant’s point of sale tracks all customer and sales activity, along with each customer’s earned rewards. At checkout, the point of sale will alert the sales associate if a customer is eligible for any redemptions. If the customer redeems their reward, transaction data is automatically sent to ASTRO Loyalty in real-time; or as a scheduled task if internet connectivity is lost- eliminating the need to track and manually send data to each manufacturer. 

- Starting in their Version 2.7.4 Celerant can now integrate with Astro Offers, Coupons, and Points if a retailer has those services in Astro.
- If configured for Offers, then the POS will automatically check Astro for any offers and apply the offer and send the redemption to Astro.
- Coupons and Point rewards will prompt the user to allow them decide whether or not to apply the reward, and if applied will be sent to Astro

Request a Demo to see their retail software in action: https://www.celerant.com/partner/astro-loyalty/

Enabling Celerant Integration:

First you will need to reach out to your Celerant sales rep, as they need to add-on this integration to your package. Once the integration has been added to your agreement, then a setup project will be created and assigned to Celerant's Implementation Team, since their team needs to turn it on in the back-end in order for it to be visible before you are able to setup the credentials. 
Second contact Astro, by submitting a ticket via the Help section of your account or by emailing us at support@astroloyalty.com and we will turn on the integration for your Astro account on our end. 

Additional Information:

Uploading Customers and Products:

Celerant's Training team will be able to assist you with uploading your customers and products into their POS System. Please reach out to Celerant for more information. 

Configure Product Filter:

Once you have uploaded products/brands into your POS, you can set up it up to link the customers to Astro if they are buying a qualifying product/brand OR you can have the customers linked to Astro regardless of the items they are purchasing. 
To access this section, go to Admin > Integration Config

Select "Astro Loyalty" under the Integration Type. Then select your store(s). 

Then select Edit for the store(s). 

Leave this section Blank if you would like ALL your customers enrolled on Astro regardless of their purchases.
If you would like to link customers on Astro for specific Brands, you will need to set up a filter. Select "Add"

Leave the Condition as "None." Then select "Brand" as the Field. Leave Operator as "Equal" and Select the Brand for the Value. In this example our Value option is Acana. 

You can add as many filters as you need.  If you are adding more brands filters, you can select "AND" or "OR" as a Condition now. The "AND" would be used if the product filter has to meet multiple criteria, whereas the "OR" would be used if the product filter could meet one of multiple product filters.

In  this example: we changed the Condition to "OR" now and select the second brand as the Value. You can repeat these steps until you have all the Brands you want. 


If you are experiencing and outage/internet provider is down and the information is not able to send at that moment you can set a scheduled time for the information to be sent to Astro! Please contact Celerant's Implemantion team for more information on setting up scheduled tasks. 

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