Cashier v. Admin

Cashier v. Admin

Owners and managers have different levels of control and responsibility than a cashier or associate in your store. The same is true in regard to the Astro Loyalty suite. This has been done for your convenience, security of information, and ease of use.  This segment will outline the differences for you to assist in making user assignment decisions.

Administrators vs. Cashiers

Administrator Users have the highest level of access and functionality in regards to Astro. From their Astro Home Screen they can access all the back end features of Astro suite found under the Reports menu. They also have full access to the Marketing Suite (Mass Email & Push Notifications). They can Enroll or Unenroll in Programs and Offers, they can edit information like Customer Info and Account Info, they can do it all, including everything that a Cashier User can do. You can have multiple Administrator Users.

Cashier Users can only Add Customers, Check Out Customers, submit questions in the form of Support Tickets to the Astro Help Desk and control the Kiosk slideshow functions. This limited access allows your cashiers to run all the essential front end functions of Astro without the pressure of accidentally changing your settings and program data. Some choose to have one Cashier User Login per location, or one Cashier User Login per register, while some choose to assign every employee their own Cashier User Login; it’s really up to you.

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