Campaigns | How To Share a Campaign on SOCIAL MEDIA | Marketing Suite

Campaigns | How To Share a Campaign on SOCIAL MEDIA | Marketing Suite

What are the Benefits to Posting Campaigns to Social Media?

There are more changes for your customers to see your Campaign. 

They can respond to your Campaign by leaving comments! When you send an Email, Push Notification, or an SMS Text Campaign your customers are not able to respond to it. Social Media Posts are great because they provide the means for two way communication. 

Your customers can share your Campaign on their social media pages. This is free advertising! Some of our super social media savvy retailers have even started rewarding Loyalty Points to their customers who share or like their Campaign Posts.

Posting a Campaign to your Social Media

Queuing a Finished Campaign

Once a Campaign has been Queued and Delivered it can be posted to Facebook and/or Twitter. 
This Campaign is in its final stages of being drafted and I am getting ready to queue it in order to send it to my customers. I have chosen to send this Campaign as an Email, but I also could have chosen to send it as a Push Notification, and/or an SMS Text. As long as a Campaign is queued and delivered to your customers in some capacity it can be published to your social media. 

This Campaign utilized an Imported Astro Template that I customized to include directions on how I have organized a Curbside Pickup Service at my store. I then added a Double Column Promo/Offer Element so I could add the two Astro Sponsored Offers that I am running this month. The Campaign now contains multiple Images, including my store's logo. Once this Campaign has been queued and delivered I will be able to choose one of those Images to feature on my Facebook or Twitter post.

Edit Social Media Setup

Returning to my list of Drafted and Delivered Campaigns I see that the Campaign that I just queued has been delivered. Now it is ready to post to my social media. Below all Delivered Campaigns there will be a blue Social Media button. Notice that there is no Social Media button below the Drafted Campaigns. 

Clicking that blue button will present you with the following pop-up. 

The post will default to displaying your store's logo as its primary image. To select a different image from your Campaign as the primary image click where it says Edit Social Media Setup.

Now you will see a drop-down listing all of the Images that were used in your Campaign. Start scrolling through and selecting the different images available to you until you decide on one. 
TIP: Facebook is good about formatting both rectangular and square images. Twitter, however, works best with square images. Keep that in mind when posting to these platforms. 
Below the Image drop-down there are text fields for Post Title and Post Description that you can edit however you like. Their default will be the title of your sent Campaign. 
TIP: A Facebook post will only show the Post Title. Twitter will show both the Post Title and the Post Description. Both will include a link that will take your customer to full Campaign. 

Once you have edited your post to your liking you can click the Save Social Media Setup button. Now you can Create Your Social Media Post by selecting one of the social media icons (Twitter or Facebook), or you can click where it says Copy URL for Manual Posting if you would like to add the Campaigns URL to an existing social media post or share it on another platform. 

TIP: The awesome thing about Astro Templates is they live in the internet as URLs, and the awesome thing about URLs is they can be shared anywhere. So you could very easily put together a Template showcasing all of your Offers for the month, then add it to your Event Calendar on your website, post it to your business website, you could even send it using another email platform if you really wanted to (even though I think Astro is best for sending Campaigns). For instance, I inserted the URL for a Template I made today during a webinar HERE, now you can click the link and find it just as easily as if I sent it to you directly! Pretty sweet!


Upon clicking the Facebook icon it will take you to the Facebook account your computer is currently logged into. This will be the account that the post will be shared to. If you need to change accounts make sure to do so before sharing.
In order for the Facebook post to have a Post Description you will need to type what you want to be that description where it says Say something about this... Otherwise the post will just include the Post Title that you added. 

Here is what the final post looks like on my Facebook page. If your customer clicks anywhere on the image or the little blurb of text below the image, they will be taken to the full Campaign. (To see what that would look like click this link and you will be taken to my demo Campaign.) 

Clicking on the ( i ) info icon located at the bottom right of the Image will NOT take you to the Template. That little icon is a Facebook thing that just shows the viewer details about the post itself and where it originated from. 


Twitter does not like rectangular images so I am going to change the Image I have associated with my Post first.
All Images associated with Astro Offers will be square, your Logo Image will also be square. So when in doubt, pick your Logo.

Now that my Post has a square image I can click the Twitter icon to post it to my Twitter account. (OK, true story, I do not have a Twitter, so we are going to make one together.) 

Tip: If you are new to either Twitter or Facebook you can take this opportunity to Sign Up and make an account for your store. 
When I clicked the Twitter icon on the Create Social Media Post Icon it took me to the following screen. If you actually have a Twitter account you can login at this point, or if you are like me and do not have one you can click where it says Sign Up.

Well that wasn't so bad, I will spare you the details, but after I clicked the Sign Up button I entered the name I wanted for my account and added my email address (or you can use a phone), then I unchecked some boxes so I wouldn't get a bunch of adds, I uploaded a picture, and then clicked Skip for Now until I reached the end to add a password and verify my email address. If I were setting up a real Twitter account for a store the only thing I would have done differently would be to add some info to my Bio such as a Mission Statement and a link to my store's website. 

Now that I have caught up with those social media influencers, when I click the Twitter Logo now on my Create Social Media Post pop-up I see the following. 

At this point, if I wanted to, I could add more info- but make sure that you leave the URL intact. 
Once you are happy click the Tweet button.

And here is the finished Tweet!

If your customers click anywhere on the Tweet they will be taken to the complete Campaign. (To see what they would see in this particular example click here.)

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